Sunday Scaries Review

The Ultimate Sunday Scaries Review – All You Should Know

Everyone can collectively agree that the feeling of Monday fills us all in a dreadful pool. A constant, luring reminder in our heads that a new week is set to begin. ‘Sunday Scaries’ is a real response to the anxiousness and uncertainty faced by many people. As the realization sets in, so does the distressing thoughts – Am I ready? Is everything I was supposed to do finished on time? Didn’t the week go by quicker than I expected? Was I productive enough? And many other countless worries fill us up making us feel anxious by the minute.

Many encounter the cold sweats brought on by dawn, which is commonly referred to as “Sunday Scaries Review.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? Coincidentally, with the same name, the brand aims to help people deal with those exact chilling feelings. The use of CBD is picking up force in the wellbeing and health world, with some logical investigations affirming it might ease side effects brought on by current fast paced lifestyle, like constant torment and tension.

Highlights of Sunday Scaries Review

Sunday Scaries Review
  • THC free
  • Made from organic hemp and sourced naturally
  • Free shipping on orders above $ 69 to all 50 states
  • No added preservatives
  • Money back guarantee
  • CO2 extraction process

About Sunday Scaries

A California-based company, Sunday Scaries was founded by bar owners turned CBD defender Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt in the year 2017. They shared a collective belief in the role nature plays in healing, and emphasize that nature and humor are the most effective medicine to mankind. 

It all started on just a regular day when these two visionaries were on the look for a location for their office. The ordeal of finding a good location, be it a house or an office space or just a location to destress, is tough. And so was this ordeal which ultimately got the duo so stressed, and that led them to take a friend’s suggestion about CBD and the calming effects of it, and that’s when they felt like they found what they were looking for.

USA developed hemp goes into Sunday Scaries product offering.The organization guarantees their hemp is mindfully extracted from the family owned ranches in Greeley, Colorado. To guarantee quality and security, Sunday Scaries requests that the farms check that the hemp is liberated from impurities to offer the best composition. 

They rely on CO2 extraction to pull the cannabinoids from the hemp strands. The CO2 extraction process is dissolvable free, so it makes an outstandingly unadulterated item. 

Product lineup

Sunday Scaries is a brand with a mission of total transparency and paramount quality. As of now, Sunday Scaries offers a product offering that incorporates CBD gummies, CBD oil tincture, CBD energy shot, CBD candies and CBD bath bombs.

CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries Review

The brand features two striking CBD gummies – Regular and Vegan. They are bear shaped gummies in red, orange, yellow and green color variants. 

The Regular gummies are best to support a calm environment away from hustle-bustle and to help unwind and stimulate relaxation. These gummies are bear shaped. This  CBD is made from authentic sugar extracted from cane, gelatin, coconut oil and combined with natural and artificial flavourings and colors. 

Loaded with vitamin B-12 which helps in mood regulation, better memory, gives energy boost, and supports overall brain health. A study states, the deficiency of this vitamin is observed in people with depression, almost double the rate.

This gummy features vitamin D-3 which plays an integral role in mood regulation and emotional wellbeing. The bottle contains 20 gummies with each tablet containing 10 mhg CBD. it is advisable to take two or three per day for best results, however this is a personal preference. 

The Vegan Gummies are similar, they’re made with sunflower oil, food starch, organic sugar, corn syrup and fumaric acid. Free from gelatin and animal traces as they state they are “Vegan AF.” Each gummy has 10 mg CBD and they have 20 gummies in one bottle. 

CBD Oil Tinctures

Sunday Scaries Review

The Sunday Scaries CBD oil tincture is somewhat unique in composition, materials and quality as compared with what you can generally discover in the present market. Its top notch expansive range CBD is mixed with nutrient D3 and B12

The tincture comprises coconut oil which is a good carrier oil as well as an effective source of vitality. Natural stevia has likewise been added to make the composition more sweet and delightful. The CBD oil is ideal for conditions that require a more grounded portion of CBD. The viscous liquid oil is sold in 500 mg bottles, which is roughly divided to 10 mg CBD per ⅓ dropper. 

Every bottle offers about 10 mg of resourceful CBD, lasting at least 60 servings. While the brand provides fast action and pain alleviation to a large portion of users, it doesn’t imply that you’ll encounter something very similar, results vary for different users. 

Keep in mind, each individual is unique and opens the possibility of various responses to CBD. While some experience instant results, others may need to devour higher and progressively visit portions just to feel any impacts. Adjusting the portions as per your personal preference is advised best.

CBD Energy Drink

Sunday Scaries Review

After the slow weekend, we sure need a push to get back on track for upcoming Monday. Fatigue and laziness take a rise and we are slowly engulfed in those lethargic moments. A big boost of energy by Sunday Scaries revitalizes the mood. This drink is prescribed to individuals who like working out and the individuals seeking physical tests. A good choice of drink for athletes and additionally an incredible decision for individuals who take part in sports. 

Every vitality shot consists of about 50 mg of CBD and roughly each one will get a 12 pack of shots. The drink not just is infused with cannabidiol concentrate and nutrients B12 and B6, this item likewise has natural green espresso beans and taurine for vitality. It also has ginseng to boost the energy. Currently the brand has flavours in Coconut Lime, Fruit Punch, and Tropical Pineapple YOLO energy shots.

As the company suggests, this energy drink is like quick shots which can have an effect lasting around 5 hours. The vitality shot can be taken anywhere, anytime. However for getting the best outcomes, it’s a smart move to take it 20 to 30 minutes prior to any big physical event or sport. 

It is generally suggested to keep the consumption limited, to maintain a good, healthy relation, to one shot for each day. In case the results are unsatisfactory and you happen to crave more, divide the shot between multiple intervals of time in the day. One shot of the CBD energy elixir will give you the sharpness of espresso, however without the unsettling jittery feeling in the pit of your stomach. 

CBD Unicorn Jerky Candy

Sunday Scaries Review

No one can say no to candy- a perfect treat for your sweet tooth craving. And when it’s chewy and supple, it melts right in. The Unicorn Jerky has an indescribable sensation, and each batch has 10 belts per pouch. Every bely has 10 mg CBD and you should take 1 to 3 gummies per day. The texture of this candy is chewier than the bears and has a sweet taste. The rainbow colored candy is just as appealing to the eye as it is to taste. 

Everyone will have different reactions and processing for the candy and CBD might take time to fully show results.

CBD Bath Bombs

Sunday Scaries Review

Who doesn’t love to soak in warm water, after a long day at work? You can turn to these super calming bath bombs with CBD infusion to help you unwind fully. This is a good alternative to those who do not wish to consume edible CBD and would rather try out external products before moving to consumption. 

Sunday Scaries CBD Bath Bombs are infused with coconut oil, lavender, peppermint essential oils that are proven to be good for skin health and aid in soothing the nerves. Each bath bomb has 50 mg CBD, additionally these bath bombs are refreshing, exfoliating and calming and safe to use on skin. A good pick to unwrap the day and results are maximized if used right before turning in for the night.  

The bubbles are colourful and produce almost a rainbow like bathwater, currently available in black raspberry and vanilla scented bath bombs.  

Why Sunday scaries?

Sunday scaries is free from artificial flavours and guarantee the best taste without compromising quality. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance responsible for the psychological impacts for marijuana consumption with its psychoactive effect. THC strongly is related to the sensation of “euphoria” and “feeling high” after consumption and limits brain’s capacity to focus and concentrate, so if you’re looking to use CBD to reduce anxiety for maybe, an upcoming exam or something that ties to thinking and focus, you should look for CBD that is THC free. 

And that’s why we love Sunday Scaries, they offer a whole range of THC-free products, so you can be assured that you’re making the right choice. The company stems from reputable beliefs and hasn’t been under any warnings, or charged with any lawsuits and has been approved by the FDA

The company offers a 30 day trial period with easy returns and full refunds. 

How is the taste of the product?

When concerned with the gummies, there’s a sort of tarty taste, kind of reminds you of a tangy aftertaste which you may think I’d refer to as a negative, however I was happy for the exact reason, since it removed the uneasiness regarding inadvertently eating them all at once. The pungent taste is what keeps from munching on these more than prescribed doses. 

What are the limitations of this CBD?

Reserved product selection 

One dosage product lineup of the brand greatly limits the options for the users looking for a more potent CBD that offers higher dosage.

Not suitable for Diabetics

With the added sugars and sweeteners, people with diabetic history or those simply eliminating sugar from diet are at disadvantage. 

Limited to USA only

The Sunday Scaries brand does not support international shipping yet. 

Here we are at the final thought about Sunday Scaries

This brand is surely one of the best and should be indefinitely on your list when looking for CBD products. Some users might need to check with their doctors over the dodge, especially if you’re planning to replace your current medicine with CBD products. 

Make sure to check the ingredient list for allergen information (like coconut oil, etc). The company has a policy for hassle free testing and guaranteed return within 30 days. So you can rest assured that your purchase would be refunded if you are disappointed. Sunday Scaries brings you broad-spectrum CBD that is THC-free, affordable and efficient. 

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