Ignite CBD Review – Overrated or Not

Ignite CBD came into existence in 2017 with a bang. Created by the social media star Dan Bilzerian, with the brand mantra being “substance over promise — results over hype.” Ignite has very quickly turned into an evolving brand, despite being so recent, it has managed to get the attention of people. This brand is relatively new, but regardless that fact, is developing a close following. The brand became a gigantic achievement, all thanks to the prime supporter Dan Bilzerian, also referred to as the “Lord of Instagram.” 

The promoting master has uncommon business sharpness, an expertise taking Ignite cannabis to the majority. Its top notch cannabis items are always hard to find. With the start of Ignite, Bilzerian expects to muscle his way into the legitimate cannabis commercial center. The line incorporates flowers, pre-rolled, live sapling and vape cartridges. The Ignite CBD review vape pen was granted a High Times Cannabis Cup for the Best CBD Product at the 2018 Alaska Cup. 

Dan then teamed up with Josh Carranza to bring their company together in 2017. The cannabis enthusiast shared the same interest as Josh however lacked the medicinal knowledge of the drug, so to compensate it Josh filled in with his years of knowledge on the subject. 

How was Ignite Born?

ignite cbd review

It all started when Dan was 13, he tried marijuana for the first time, since then he has come a long way. From being a cannabis connoisseur, to launching his own brand. Dan had the thought for a long time, of entering the market as a businessman and not just as a CBD buyer. They started in Nevada, USA and plan to slowly expand to 56,000 distinct areas, Canada being a major shareholder. The businessman has a lot of endeavors planned out for the future, and would be selling more CBD online. 

Ignite items overlap with its meticulous execution and independent sales approach. Just as a noteworthy scope of powerful things wealthy in tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the organization spends significant time in cannabidiol, or CBD, items as well. With in excess of 40 diverse cannabinoid-rich treats available, Ignite is a genuine smash hit famous with clinical and recreational purchasers the same.

Ignite Disposable CBD Vape Pens

First on the list is the Ignite Disposable CBD Vape Pens which starts at approximately $ 50. The honorable company has invested in the idea of vaping and the accessibility advantage. This makes the disposable vapes fairly helpful. Ignite vape CBD pens are accessible in an assortment of flavors and CBD mixes, including: Tropical Fruit, Blood Orange, Pink Chill,  Apple Berry, Spearmint, and Lavender. Bō Vaping teamed up with Ignite to commemorate the ideal use of battery-powered CBD pens.

Each Ignite vaping pen lasts about 20 days and has a consumption of 25 mg per day. The pen itself contains 100 to 300 mg of the CBD oil. Consequently, you get a premium quality hemp extracted CBD oil, making this extremely rich in important cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Injected into fractionated coconut oil, it contains no THC by any means, ensuring no psychoactive impacts. 

All thanks to Bō’s modern vaping partnership with Ignite, the brand came with an innovative and creative style, combined with Ignite’s most perfect blend of CBD oil, these pens are a sure trate of all consumers. They pair with an approachable CBD casing, every one of which contains 1.5 milliliters, more than twofold its rivals. 

The Battery powered CBD pens from Ignite are lightweight with a durable structure which can be easily affordable to all. Equipped with a durable covering and a battery powered design, this vape is merely 10 cm in size, and can give ease of transportation. They come with their customized classy USB charger, sturdy framework, and one of a kind dispensable fluid unit arrangement that permits you to replace the oil as indicated by your state of mind or flavor inclinations.

The vape pens are available in three main variants in the market with distinct flavours and features:

Presenting The Calm Vape Pen 

ignite cbd review

Ignite planned a vaping oil ideal for night use. Want to unwind? Take The Calm vape Pen.

The Calm pens variant offers a definitive purpose of relaxation to stimulate you to let go of your tension. This vape is perfect for overlooking the hardships of a long, hard day and helps you to just unwind. Deemed to be the best for those struggling with a sleeping disorder, such as insomnia, and anxiety. They help your mind ease out and in turn relieving you of those issues.  

These pens come in delicious Lavender and Bubble Gum flavors. We observed the vape is thick, filled with taste, and overflowing with unrivaled quality and worth. 

The Rechargeable Vape Pen 

ignite cbd review

These reusable and chargeable Vape pens are best known for their stimulation and are very convenient to use. Created with an intention to recharge and revive you, these drops are good to wake you up, and get you going in high spirits as the day progresses.

They should be your chosen warrior for an early morning meeting or just a regular day at work. Appropriate for use at work and would not decrease your productivity by any means. You are free to consume these at work or at whatever point you want to amplify your senses. Ignite’s Rechargeable pens are a big hit, most preferred vaping tool among the ardent lovers of the brand.

Accessible in Tropical Fruit and Tangerine flavors, these scrumptious vapes are large, smooth, and pure in nature. You have to try this one out!

The Lucid Vape Pen 

ignite cbd review

Now we come to our personal favourite, the Lucid Vape Pen, and they do what they state – Help you concentrate. A promise the brand stands by to assist you with concentrating on your task with full brain capacity, clearing your brain from a dump and instead, refreshing up your brain. 

Perfect for the ones facing issues with addictive behaviors and dealing with yearnings, this vape comes with a calming alternative to create a diversion for your brain, to help your brain focus. Ignite’s Lucid pens are innovative, modern, sleek, simple, and functional. All the qualities a good vape needs. It is delicate and simple, and since it comes in delicious Spearmint, Blood Orange, and Tropical Fruit flavors, it can be hard to not try this one out.

Ignite CBD Drops

ignite cbd review

Take those days when you want nothing more to just turn your phone off, live in a remote location, away from all the noise and just.. Relax. 

Who wouldn’t like that serenity? Those days when you are in the need of an instant fix and simply need the brisk alleviation of CBD, Ignite CBD Drops are great. Complete with a simple on the go CBD, you should try out the CBD drops.

Essentially just one drop of your favourite CBD oil and the effects kick right in. theseIgnite drops can be applied on skin areas too, for the concerns of skin problems. These drops work towards easing skin issues and help with muscle and joint pain effectively.

The oil has a 33.3 mg/mL potency and costs around $ 0.07 per mg. The website presently only sells two distinct bottle sizes, 350mg and 1,000mg. We wish there were somewhat more options in sizes and availability, nevertheless, they undoubtedly make that up in their flavor assortments. the drops come in multiple flavours to choose from :

The Calm CBD drops 

ignite cbd review

These drops are an immaculate choice after a long, upsetting day when you need some assistance to loosen up and really soften up. The mix of CBD and lavender helps clear your brain and stimulate relaxation throughout your body, leaving you feeling light and peaceful. Made with the goal that you can appreciate some truly necessary personal time, the drops are a great choice after a long day. 

Tropical Fruit Drops 

ignite cbd review

Ignite’s Tropical Fruit Drops come in small 30 ml bottles. Each bottle contains 1,000 mg of CBD, which come up to an approximate 33.3 mg for every serving. This brilliantly concentrated CBD oil accompanies a simple drop tool to make dosing simple and exact. 

The results? Very visible. From the first drop we are glad to have picked this especially without the psychoactive buzz of THC. This oil is liberated from THC, poisons, pesticides, and any extra chemicals that may hinder the true taste of this CBD. 

Vitality CBG Drops 

ignite cbd review

As the name suggests, these drops are a slight fiery lift from your down moments. The taste is a kick and chips away residue of tiredness, enhancing your balance. Ignite drops can be utilized for the duration of the day to target various regions of your body and prop you up.

Vitality is perfect for day time use when you are hoping to ease mellow remnants of a stressful day with a power packed CBD for a guaranteed boost of energy. Clients can likewise discover sisters of Vitality CBD drops – Recharge and Focus drops on the site, so you can choose the ideal oil for your personalized experience. 

The Blood Orange Drops 

ignite cbd review

Ignite CBD oil Blood Orange is as its name suggests, well citrusy. The drops have a flavor that tempts the taste buds. Ignite’s Blood Orange drops are fiery, and filled with power, they are ideal for daytime use. Each bottle contains 30 ml of pure CBD oil, with 1,000 ml of CBD itself. We ranked this drop for its amazing quality and virtue. In this bottle, you get simply the best cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, all cooperating to augment your overall experience of your CBD intake. 

Lavender Drops 

Likewise with 1,000 milligrams of CBD in a 30 ml bottle, Ignite’s Lavender Drops offer multiple full-range benefits. Results include stimulating, unwinding after a long, tired day. Supported by those struggling with a sleep disorder, chronic pain, epilepsy, and other issues, we are only getting started. This rich and tasty oil is particularly appropriate for night use. Tried this oil and we can surely say that these drops are liberated from perilous synthetic compounds, THC, chemicals, and quality ensured. 

Unflavored Drops 

These CBD drops are mixed with fractionated coconut oil intended to provide additional nourishment. Ignite’s Unflavored Drops offer a full spectrum CBD oil for the most elevated experience that enlivens anyone who takes it. It contains no fixings, and tests gluten free, THC free, pesticides free, and without any foreign contaminants. Similarly as with all its different oils, it is reasonable for both oral and effective use, simple to portion with an included dropper.

What do we think of Ignite?

We think despite its recent debut in the market, this CBD brand lives up to the hype. The quality is undoubtedly evident and the product line is extremely diverse like never before! The CBD stimulates instant relief making it a strong point of the brand, many consumers have taken Ignite for the quick results, and they are not disappointed. 

The perks of the brand make it a strong CBD supplier, however we did take note of the lack of transparency of Ignite. There is lack of information on the website about the hemp plants, third party testing, where are they? A brand based on name isn’t enough, proof for lab results and approvals should be made public. However the potency, quality and the effects of this brand are unrivalled, if you are willing to forgo the specific lack of data, then this brand is a very good choice. 

Regarding the shipments, Ignite will accept your order and start the process within two days of placing the order.  And within a week at max, your order should be delivered, we like the 30 day return policy, it gives much more room to expand. Overall, Ignite has made a mark in the market despite its recent inception and the products do the job.

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