green roads cbd review

Green Roads CBD Review

If you were looking for the most reliable and high quality CBD products, then you just found it. Because no other brand can hold a candle to Green Roads CBD review reputation. 

Green roads is a Florida based company known for their gold standard CBD products and total transparency in everything they’re attained. They have a lot to offer, ranging from traditional yet top notch oils and amazing edibles to calming topicals. They hold a stellar reputation of winning the best CBD production award two times in a row. I mean come on! What’s not to love here? 

Now you must be thinking that this is not going to be an unbiased review. But I assure you, it is. Today I’m not going to let the love customer’s have for Greenroad sway me. It’s time take a long hard look at the reason behind Green Roads’s success. Read on to find out.

Where did Greenroads come from?

green roads cbd review

Greenroads has its roots in Florida and it’s led by 20year veteran, Laura Fuentes who’s an expert in her field, which is pharmacy. This brand is a product of curiosity and friendship.  When Arby Barroso, a close friend of Fuentes’s fell ill, she wanted to offer her help and that’s where the curiosity for CBD products took hold. Their growing friendship inspired them to launch this brand as they wanted to find relief for those who are in pain. This why Greenroads as a whole holds customer relations and friendship to a higher standard. They express their love and gratitude by putting out pure and safe to use CBD products for the customer’s use. 

A part of their green rich website is dedicated to helping the users  understand what cannabinoid is in each product. So they can choose the one that’s safe for the ingest or apply. They’ve released batch specific lab reports, educational resources and detailed lists of ingredients to break any wall that’s blocking them from being completely transparent with their customers. 

They use the supercritical CO2 extraction method to obtain full spectrum and broad spectrum antibiotics.Their products are derived from hemp that’s been cultivated here in the US and they’ve ensured that not even a trace amount of pesticides has been used. So there’s no risk, only relaxation.


Educational resources

When it comes to CBD there’s a lot of information available out there for consumption. Sadly there is a lot of misinformation as well. And as an universal rule the latter spreads faster than the former. 

That is why Greenroads took it upon themselves to educate their users on CBD and it’s products.

They’ve dedicated a space on their website to CBD university where there’s a lot of informational and educational resources available to educate users on type, process and safety measures concerning CBD. 

A corner for beginners

If you’re someone who’s just dipping their toe in the CBD sea then you’d know how overwhelming all of it is. You need to understand what batches you like, what type is safe for you and if you’re paying the right price. It can get a little intimidating as well. But don’t worry, Greenroads has taken care of this issue as well. They have bundled all the necessary information together to get you started. It’s called the beginner’s bundle and it’s available on their website. 


Third party lab tests are often performed on green roads products to ensure that the purity and quality have remained intact throughout the process. These lab results and other vital information like what ingredients are in what products, are readily available on their website for the user’s consumption. This kind of transparency and honesty is hard to find these days. 


For it’s premium quality products Greenroads has won a lot of awards. All well deserved of course. The most prominent being the Best CBD Product award they won two years in a row. Even their coffee has managed to win the best innovative product back in 2018. If that’s not a sign of excellence, I don’t know what is. 

Green program

They’ve drawn up a reward program that provides returning customers with a discount. So with each dollar spent that is spent on a greenroads product you’ll get a point. So after gathering up 20 or more points, you can get one dollar off on your next purchase. 


Lack of potable CBD drink products

Even though their coffee has won awards I couldn’t help but notice that it only comes in one form. I hope they release more drinkable products in the future. But that’s the only problem I have concerning Greenroads. 

green roads cbd review

Currently Greenroads has 6 products out in the market. Namely –

  1. CBD oil
  2. Greenroads edibles
  3. Soothing CBD topicals
  4. Prized coffee
  5. Indulgence range
  6. CBD for pets

Let’s review each product one by one – 

CBD oil

First of all Greenroads stores a pretty wide range of CBD oils. From full spectrum to broad spectrum, they have the best ones.

If you’re just starting then the distinction between both of these are the amount of THC found in them. Broad spectrum ones contain less than zero percent of THC whereas full spectrum ones contain 0.3% of it, which is the federal limit. The company provides both. You have to choose which one you need. 

They have three broad spectrum oils and two of them are apple and mint flavored. The last one is original. 

Whereas the full spectrum oils are unflavored. So you’ll find the smell and taste of hemp in full effect here. 

Both types of oils come in three strengths.

  • 300mg (10mg/serving)
  • 750mg (25mg/serving)
  • 1,500mg (50mg/serving)

Greenroads edibles

In the edibles section, Greenhouse stores super cute Relax bears. These gummy bears are made of CBD isolate. Which means that they only contain cannabidiol instead of containing an assortment of different cannabinoids. The amount of CBD in this is 10mg/bear. 

You can buy the bears in packets which contain five bears or in tubs, which contain thirty bears. 

But if you don’t like gummy bears then Greenhouse has something for you too. They also sell artisanal chocolates which contains over sixty percent of rich cocoa mixed with hemp. Total amount of CBD is 180 mg which makes each piece contain 15mg. So this is bound to tickle your taste buds and soothe your mind. 

Soothing CBD topicals

Green has a diverse line of topical products to choose from depending on your intent. So if you need something to kick fatigue’s butt after a tough day at the gym then there’s the heat relief and cool relief roll on. If you need something to rejuvenate skin itchy and flaky skin then they store skin relief cream as well. 

However their most popular tropical is the muscle and joint cream. It causes a cooling sensation because of the menthol extracts it contains. As soon as it gets absorbed into the skin it leaves behind a cooling sensation in its wake. 

This product is available in three different capacities, 50mg, 150mg, and 350mg. The 50mg one is ideal for travels as it won’t take up much space and only costs $11.99. So it wouldn’t burn a hole through your wallet either.

Green Roads Coffee

I say prized coffee because it has won awards for Greenroads. Their gold star coffee is a perfect concoction of hemp flower and Colombian coffee beans. Needles to mention this founder’s blend smells amazing while giving you a boost of energy. It’ll keep you going throughout the day. 

The coffee comes in prepackaged in 2.5ounce packets and you can choose the perfect amount of CBD for you as different batches contain varying amounts. Each of these little packets of happiness only cost $14.99. Which is way lesser than what CBD products usually cost. Before I forget, it also gives off hints of caramel and hazelnut making a perfect treat for your palate.  

They also have chamomile tea to calm your nerves. It’s a wonderful blend of vanilla, peppermint, CBD and of course chamomile. It comes in separate tea bags weighing around 7mg and is priced at $5.99. Pretty reasonable from where I’m standing! 

And the making process for the tea is the same as regular tea. Just dip the tea bag in hot water, put one foot over the other, lean back, relax and wait for it to sooth you. Turn it up with coffee or turn it down with tea. Completely your choice. 

green roads cbd review

Green Roads CBD Bath Bomb

green roads cbd review

Now we’ve reached my favorite review. Guilty pleasure bath bombs! Although Greenroads’ collection holds essential oils as well, my personal favourites are the bath bombs. They’re specifically designed to slow the speedily moving aspects of life so that we can enjoy small pleasures a little longer. 

Each bath bomb is uniquely designed for a single purpose like peace, unwind, refresh etc. The amount of CBD these hold is 150mg and cost about $17.99. Which is of course a steal! 

And what’s better is that they have twin bath bombs which cost significantly less than single ones. They’re priced at $19.99. 

But of course if you don’t like baths for some reason or if you don’t have the space for a tub then you can experience the aromas in the form of essential oils. 

These are available in three categories , Peace, relax and refresh. Each of these oils have about 50mg of CBD in them. They smell heavenly and keep you skin supple. 

CBD for pets

green roads cbd review

When i said they have something for everyone, i meant it. Even a little something for our furry friends. If you have a little four legged miracle at home who’s suffering from separation anxiety or creaky joints then you definitely ought to try their CBD oil collection. For dogs they have hemp extraction oils which are vegan and gluten free so that your pup will stay healthy. These products can be bought in different varieties depending upon the dog’s size. 

They have some gifts for little kitties too. These cat CBD drops are priced at $19.99 and contain 60mg of cannabinoids. 

You can find bundles that have been curated keeping the age and size of your pet in mind. In fact you can find bundles for humans in there too.

Final thoughts 

The thing i found was most thoughtful about Greenroads is that it offers a veteran’s discount for anyone who has served in the military or is serving as a first responder right now. Because these two jobs are considered to be two of the most stressful jobs ever. So offering them a stress reduction at a lower price is a very sweet thing to do. 

On that note I hope Greenroads opens up it’s doors for the rest of the world too. Because right now it only ships products to the US so a lot of others could be users are not even getting to taste the benefits this service is yielding. Anyhow their tracking system is very efficient. 

Greenroads is a company that came into existence because of friendship. The amount of care they spend on putting out the best products for their users shows off their passion. Not to mention the website which is a treasure chest of information on CBD so that their consumers will only use products that are safe for them. This kindness says a lot about the company’s good intent. So no matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran on the CBD journey, i recommend Greenroads to you wholeheartedly. 

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