green gorilla cbd reviews

Green Gorilla CBD Review

Just starting out in the world of CBD? You’re at the right place. 

The world is filled with uncertainty and there’s a human tendency to develop an aversion to situations which cause fear in us. Anxiety and depression are on an all time rise, and the situation the world is in currently, this graph is only to go up now. There are feelings of anguish, frustration with the constant torment the world is in, no wonder anyone can become an anxious mess. We all are looking for a way out, that’s where the gigantic world of CBD comes in.

Like you and me, countless people are faced with insomnia, anxiety and we understand how gruelling this struggle feels. CBD is an upcoming area that has limitless possibilities. Started in 2013, the California-based Green Gorilla is a worldwide brand in the hemp and cannabis business, and quite frankly, one of the biggest contributors of cannabidiol (CBD) natural enhancements, effective, pet and pony care items. The company embodies the use of GG BioEnhanced Complex in their products. 

In this review, we will tell you our honest opinion of Green Gorilla, as a brand and as a CBD enthusiast : 

Highlights of Green Gorilla CBD reviews

green gorilla cbd reviews
  • Non – GMO hemp
  • TCH free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Ecologically conscious brand
  • Easy return policy
  • No major side effects
  • Fully Organic and Natural
  • Gluten and gelatin free.

Role of Green Gorilla in the World of CBD

The company wholly believes in the role of nature and organic materials in healing processes. The therapeutic effects of herbal medication are obvious. The founders Sir Steven Saxton and Katherine Guevara Saxton are passionate about the CBD business and wanted to make a brand that embodies their beliefs about the world of herbal healing. The brand also has specialized agricultural areas designated to generate superior hemp is home grown from the farms of Colorado.

The hemp is pure and is free from potentiality of pesticides. The company undergoes a CO2 extraction process to obtain pure CBD from the plant. The products are all vegan, organic, gluten and gelatin free. The health benefits of CBD relies on the principle of interacting with serotonin and dopamine receptors by prompting them and boosting their growth levels in the brain.

CBD is known to cure Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, reduce pain and inflammation, manage addiction (by signalling amygdala to control participation, which is the area responsible for addictive behaviors), aid anxiety, insomnia and depression. The skin benefits of CBD include acne, skin cancer, psoriasis and many others. 

All Green Gorilla CBD items have a no THC policy, which is a non-psychoactive drug, and are delivered and manufactured in regards with US governmental law. So there is no compelling reason to feel anxious about any part of this concoction! 

Green Gorilla CBD Oil Review

The most popular product of Green Gorilla is the Pure CBD Oil and Olive Oil. This oil comes in a 150 mg, 600 mg and 1500 mg bottle which makes the size options easily customizable. Each serving from this oil is pure olive oil with no chemical compounds. There are in excess of a couple of reasons we love this oil, however first off, it’s joined with top notch additional virgin olive oil, so the taste is extremely gentle yet delightful, making it incredible for taking as a color or adding to your food. 

Their items are offered with olive oil in base with no extra chemicals. Also, Green Gorilla CBD is produced using extraction of the entire plant.  The oil is organic, GMO free, THC free and naturally sourced. The flavours are regular and citrus lemon. The olive oil blend used in the CBD is USDA Certified extra virgin olive oil. The EVOO or extra virgin olive oil enhances the pure extract of the CBD with its added health benefits such as brain and heart health and slower aging. 

We found that the flavours were too limited and that a dispenser does not support a dropper and is rather pump based. You will have to purchase the dropper separately if you aren’t too keen on using the pump. 

Green Gorilla Gummies Review

green gorilla cbd reviews

If you are considering the thought of blending use of CBD into your every day schedule, Gorilla Gummies might be the correct decision for you. Gorilla Gummies offer gluten free, nut free, organic and low-fat gummies. These CBD infused gummies are vegan and soy free. 

These soft chewy candies come in strawberry flavoured, wild berry, and an exclusive “Gorilla Berry.” Each flavor is unique and delectable. The gummies taste extraordinary— simple yet somewhat layered in texture, and not overly sweet. It resembles a consistency that is sort of like vitamin capsules, however better in taste, and not pungent. 

green gorilla cbd reviews

They effectively fit into a health driven way of life, they’re without pitilessness, and don’t contain any significant allergens. The best part is that the CBD that Green Gorilla adds in their chewy candies is obtained from natural hemp, so these chewy candies are accessible wherever in the United States, and just one click away. Results for everyone are different however Green Gorilla suggests that you have no more than 2 – 4 Gorilla Gummies every day.

Gorilla Gummies are natural and are every vegan lover’s dream! Each tablet contains 5 mg of CBD, so it’s excessively simple to make sense of what dose works for you.

Green Gorilla Botanical CBD Balm Review

green gorilla cbd reviews

Tired of skipping out on events because of those paining joints? Green Gorilla CBD balm, has 100 percent all natural, organic CBD balm for treating those sore muscles. Under its Hemp and Olive brand, Green Gorilla CBD balm aims to deliver a herbal product that is derivative of natural hemp extraction from the farms of the USA. The balm is for external consumption only.

green gorilla cbd reviews

Balms have been used for a long time due to its convenient packaging and quick delivery, the warmth and tingling sensation spreads throughout the targeted area. CBD balm treatments make pain alleviation straightforward and quicker to action. You need to apply it directly onto aching muscles and vapors will seep into your skin giving you relief. Green Gorilla’s Botanical Balm contains 300 mg of CBD and the pain relief qualities of eucalyptus, lavender, cypress, and rosemary oils are undeniably effective. 

green gorilla cbd reviews

To use for aching muscles, you rub it generously on the influenced part in motions to distribute blood flow evenly. You can likewise choose it as a breathable fume to appreciate the Eucalyptus by scouring it on the chest, neck, for sore throat and clogged nose in winters. Each 1.75 oz. jar of the CBD balm contains 300 mg of dynamic cannabidiol and retails for $49.99.

Green Gorilla Pure CBD Lip Balm Review

green gorilla cbd reviews

With natural beeswax as its base product, Green Gorilla’s leading Hemp and Olive line is all natural. This lip ointment is richly textured with extracts of sunflower seed, lavender, peppermint, olive, rosemary, and hemp oils. This balm can be applied on lips or skin for saturating and to help with minor skin issues like burns from the sun or bug nibbles. Stick application makes this item simple to convey in a handbag or pocket. 

Full spectrum CBD oil is mixed with turmeric root which is scientifically proven for its medicinal properties that play a role in cell regeneration, slow signs of aging and aids in dry skin. Aside from the fact that the balm’s base and well, the main component is CBD, it is also observed in sealing moisture and locking it inside the lips, and shielding them from any harsh encounter. This is significant in light of the fact that lips are especially helpless on the grounds that one’s skin is at its most slender at the lips and, thusly, truly powerless to dryness and drying dissimilar to different pieces of the body. 

The medicinal composition of the balm consists of the sister compound of turmeric, Curcuma Longa – this is basically a Tumeric root. Also with added sunflower seed oil additionally is known as Helianthus Annuus. For its interesting scent, Green Gorilla has hints of Lavender blossom oil which has been used for treatment of psoriasis and many skin issues.

Furthermore, the balm seems to have a minty flavor, this is sponsored by the use of Peppermint. Moreover, there is Olive Fruit Oil and Rosemary in the balm making this an all natural, herbal mixture.

Despite the fact that it contains CBD, which is a drug, Green Gorilla isn’t in any capacity addictive or generates any source of reliance and is THC free. Much the same as some other traditional lip medicine out there, Green Gorilla contains a decent amount of Beeswax. 

What if I am unsatisfied with Green Gorilla and want a refund? How do I do that?

Well that’s a frequently asked query (for unsatisfied results or simply due to miscellaneous reasons), which we have already enquired into. 

Guess what? Green Gorilla will willingly take returns and pay discounts for unopened, undamaged items in the likely event that you demand a refund or change, it should fall inside 14 business long periods of accepting the parcel. But the same refunds are credited in the store account and not hard cash, aka a product has to be replaced with another purchase from their stores. 

Another downside is that the shipping costs for the refund would be covered by the customer and would not fall on the company’s hands, but well, that is no surprise I guess.

What about Shipping and Discounts?

The brand supports free delivery on orders over $75. Repeating membership to items gets you a little discount that you sure shouldn’t miss! Promotion and referrals passed on through social media too adds on to the discount. They additionally have a reward program that works on the point system with every buy.

Regarding shipping rates, the brand has free shipping after a purchase worth $50 or more. The shipping extends to all 50 states.

So what do we finally conclude about Green Gorilla…

Frankly, we love the transparency and operations at the team of Green Gorilla. Everything from the packaging to the extraction to customer service deserve a wave of applause truly. In our personal unbiased opinion, we have never encountered a highly reputable brand of that stature be so indisputably good with their products and work.

But guess we know the reason why they are the leaders in the world of CBD. We highly recommend this brand and the products are responsibly sourced and distributed. The products are all highly potent and reliably charged, and also are ecologically friendly. The budget is set keeping all users in mind which makes the products even more desirable and convenient. The product line could use more variants, however that’s on for future missions, currently we advise you bag whatever you can from this line.

Try it for yourself and let us know what you thought of it!

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