Elixinol CBD Review

Elixinol CBD Review – Should you buy it?

If you’ve been familiar with the upcoming CBD industry, Elixinol is one name you might have come across at some point of your life. This brand has been around for years and has established itself in the business with its globally recognized presence and reputable products. 

CBD and organic medicines are quality checked and should not be taken lightly and no one prioritized this better than Elixinol, with its controlled environment, frequent quality tests and leading standards in the CBD industry, this brand is undoubtedly one of the best options for your CBD investment. 

In this article we will review the products by Elixinol and are they worth the hype in Elixinol CBD Review?

About the Company

Paul Benhaim, the man behind the passionate endeavor of Elixinol, has been in the business for quite a historical time, and is known for being the man behind the well known Australian brand Hemp Foods. Paul keeps on building his skills and putting his aptitude to work for the purpose of enlightening individuals over the world about the wondrous world of hemp, and has authored  six books revolving around the same. 

It all began in 1991, the day when Paul Benhaim first noticed the potential of hemp seeds and exactly how beneficial they are to the human body in comparison to modern medicine. Since that day, he has been working in the hemp business and spreading his line to empower others. Benhaim worked to obtain hemp from all paces of the world to determine the best of the lot, he went throughout the world so as to locate the most ideal grains, volunteering in nations like England, Germany, France, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, India, China, Canada, Australia and that’s just the start of the whole process. 

Elixinol was based around the mission to give individuals the best items possible in the industry. Owing to his own insight and the recommendation of other world-driving specialists, Paul Benhaim has made his brand stand out to the experts. The success of Elixinol comes from its exclusive expectations, faster results and amazing client assistance. 

Elixinol USA was established in 2017 and attempts to abolish the myths regarding consumption of CBD and hemp items to America. These items are thoroughly tested with expert opinion before being discharged. Indeed, while choosing outsider labs to work with, Elixinol sends off  samples to the labs guaranteeing that they are dependable. Clients are given group numbers that they can follow on the off chance that they need to guarantee quality. 

With a solid emphasis on quality, Elixinol’s guarantees that items are extracted from the best farmlands and that it is fully committed to the quality they invest into the creation of their items. So as to make this a reality, Elixinol develops the entirety of their own hemp at their Colorado-based ranches, run by experienced cultivators who have master information in becoming the absolute best hemp plants conceivable. 

Elixinol accepts that items should prioritize quality and should not be hurried through the planning, instead they should rather be explored, tried, and that filtration can decide the procedure where the absolute best should arrive at the retail location. 

Elixinol believes that while creation is the fundamental to success, so is innovation and making the products convenient. Their goal is selling the most reliable items that are of most significance, this can’t exist alone and that client care can represent the deciding moment for an organization. In view of this, the 6th column centers around conveying world-class client support, remembering an unconditional promise for the entirety of their items.

Elixinol CBD Review Oil

Elixinol CBD Review

Elixinol meets the criteria of a reputable brand with its dedicated products. Made with a CO2 extraction process, the Elixinol colors contain a full range of cannabinoids that happen with essential oil blends and ample cannabinoids and other hemp composites. This natural concentrate is diluted in a carrier coconut oil. Packaged securely in a glass bottle with a dropper for simple access and easy use, a portion of the Elixinol CBD Tinctures arrive in a fascinating mix of cannabinoids.

Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures: Elixinol’s colors are ensured to give most extreme medical advantages. They are accessible in a range of quantities that extend from 300 to 5000 mg and arrive in an assortment of flavors including the regular hemp, grape mint and cinnamint. Each customer is intended for various uses and hence the quantity is also different for each user. The proposed serving size is ¼ of a dropper or 0.5ml. For the 30ml jugs, this is ½ a dropper. 

These oils are proven to help reduce pain, aid anxiety, insomnia and depression, and improve metabolism. As per our testing, we found the taste as rather mellow and slightly earthy, at any rate, this CBD oil can be viewed as charming. Their cinnamint variant, for example, consists of an assortment of cinnamon that is plucked and extracted around a similar liquid extraction method, often observed in their hemp plants. The end result is a compound called cinnamaldehyde which offers medical advantages just as an extraordinary regular flavor.

There is the regular taste of hemp, however it isn’t too overwhelming. 

Elixinol’s oil was simple to drop under the tongue. We have however concern over the drops needed for the CBD to kick in, it could take as much as 3 drops for the drop and also over the peculiarity of droppers all through our surveys, and we have a similar issue here. The amount of drops based on any average person can be experimented with and found. 

Elixinol X Pen CBD Oral Applicator

Elixinol CBD Review

When the new X-pen oral applicator first appeared on their site we verified whether it gives a superior performance based on the previous framework of the company. Highly convenient and easily can fit into your purse or pocket, this oral pen has 1000 mg CBD. The pen has a strong vacuum seal which prevents the contents from leaking out and is best for those who are out and about, and need comfort in their CBD.

This travel friendly oral pack of CBD has a precise dose and the applicator is designed with experts keeping convenience and safety in mind. 

CBD Oil Liposomes

Elixinol CBD Review

Elixinol likewise offers hemp oil liposomes, which are designed to seep into through body tissues and membranes to get the oil absorbed faster into the body. Their liquid, light texture makes it easy to swallow.

We found the dropper was sufficient and the oil had a smooth texture and simple to swallow. The taste isn’t too strong and is good for consumption. Can also be diluted with water and ingested directly for quick relief. They come in 300 mg and 1000 mg sizes. Just a little spritz goes a long way, especially when you are not too keen on tasting the CBD yourself. 

One downside we found was the single flavor Citrus Twist, however we hope in future expansion we could get more diversity. 

CBD Capsules

Elixinol CBD Review

Easy to swallow and good in taste, just like the CBD oils counterpart, Elixinol CBD Capsules have natural hemp extract delivered through CO2 extraction, which guarantees a clean capsule with chemical free CBD. This full spectrum CBD Capsule has potency of 15-45 mg per capsule. They contain a full range of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other regular mixes found in the hemp plant. Elixinol suggests taking one container for each day at a roughly set time. These capsules are available in 450 mg, 900 mg, and ultra strong 1350 mg.

There are four variants in the Elixinol CBD capsule – Day by day Balance Capsules (Full Spectrum), Omega Turmeric Capsules (Full Spectrum), Stress Less Capsules (Full Spectrum) and Body Comfort Capsules (Full Spectrum).

Topical CBD Product

Elixinol CBD Review

Elixinol additionally sells skin care CBD medicine that can nourish dry skin and chapped lips. The CBD Hemp Balm is intended to introduce dampness once more into the seemingly dry skin with fixings like hemp oil, andiroba oil, ucuuba margarine and blue mallee eucalyptus.

This mix of organic compounds prompts the healing and further assists with advancing skincare and liveliness, regardless of your skin type. 

The 120ml cylinder contains 125 mg of CBD and costs around $29.99. Elixinol likewise sells a CBD Lip Balm to help saturate your lips. Elixinol additionally sells Sativa Hemp Skin care. With enriching Vitamin E and Omega oils help to improve dried out lips, alongside 5mg of CBD hemp oil. The 5 oz cylinder costs around $7.99. 

Elixinol offers a variety of hemp based healthy skin items. They’re totally produced using hemp seed oil, and most have no dynamic CBD present in them. Topical products of this brand have limited quantities of CBD — CBD Hemp Balm, and CBD Lip Balm. There isn’t sufficient CBD in both of these for us to suggest them as CBD items, however if you’re searching for skincare items with a pinch of CBD, then these are the ones for you. 

The downside of this product is that most of the items, with the exception of the lip balm, are guaranteed natural and 100% vegan. This extravagant, boutique skincare range incorporates items made with 100% hemp. They are totally ensured organic and totally vegetarian. All products are economically sourced. 

What we observed about Elixinol CBD Line

The products tested for chemical traces undergo strict quality control measures, Elixinol is very particular about the composition of their CBD products and does not compromise on the same. The company has come up with creative measures for ensuring your CBD consumption lays unparalleled and consistent, such as the Elixinol X Pen Oral Applicator. 

The ingredients are pure hemp and there are no synthetic additions in the CBD. Made from premium cannabinoids, essential oils and terpenes and preserving natural compounds of the plant, the company maximises on the idea that nature is best. The products are all reasonably priced and customers are pleased with the services of the company. 

With years of industry experience that supports their immense growth, Elixinol understands the demands of customers and what truly makes a product stand apart. The product descrip is available online so you can check for any major allergens, also the side effects are almost non-existent. You may get dry mouth after taking more than required dosage however you can reduce the consumption to get it back to normal. 

Would we recommend it?

A 100 percent YES! We can’t find any significant reasons why we wouldn’t love this brand. The company has transparency, and is committed to their growth and beliefs. The company is innovative and constantly releases products that we just can’t get enough of! They have invested a heck lot of time in the research, making and manufacturing of their products and they deserve the success that they have got. Affordably priced and organically sourced, all their products are excellent and reliable. 

This modern medicine is natural and in our opinion the best. Elixinol is unparalleled in the CBD business and is most likely the best manufacturer in the CBD industry that you could find.

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