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Cbdfx Review and Buying Guide – 2020

In the ever evolving CBD industry CBDfx is a known name. They offer a diverse assortment of items that range from old school CBD oils, salves and tincture to eccentric new products like face serums, potable shots, their classic edible vegan gummy bears and flavored strips that are ingested sublingually. You name it, they have it. 

CBDfx means to make the advantages of naturally developed, top notch CBD items available to everybody.The entirety of their items are full spectrum. They’re exposed to testing by third party labs as well to guarantee quality and purity. Keep reading this Cbdfx review.

Know CBDfx better

If you google CBDfx to know it better, then you’ll be disappointed as there’s not much information available about the background of the company. But if you trust us, then believe it when we say this company knows what it’s doing.

This established brand sources raw material for its product from quality rich plants and makes it undergo through a full spectrum CO2 process in order to obtain the extracts.

Aside from this current there’s no extra data about the organization accessible on the web. 

Now you must be thinking, can we trust a CBDfx with so little information? The answer is yes. Because CBDfx abides by the total transparency rule.

All the reports from all the tests done by third party labs are available and accessible on their website for customers who’re looking to know more about or verify the safety of the products. 

However, as they offer a lot of different varieties of products which are suited for beginners and veterans alike it can be a bit overwhelming for users to choose.

That is why we’ve prepared this detailed review and buying guide for you. So that without searching you can find the product you’re looking for. Read on to find out!

CBDfx products review

List of CBDfx products available in the market right now – 

  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Vape Oils
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Gummies and Edibles

Let’s review these one by one. 

CBD Tinctures

cbdfx review

CBDFX CBD Tinctures can be administered directly under the tongue or sublingually. It’s a 100% organic full spectrum tincture that helps with chronic pain and insomnia among other issues. 

The tinctures are ideal for vegan users as well seeing that they don’t contain any gelatin and are organically sourced. They’re also cruelty free and MCT oil based. 

Due to the full spectrum supercritical CO2 extract process used to derive CBDfx CBD oils, take on a beautiful golden color. The oil is light unlike others.

They’ve introduced trace amounts of THC as well to achieve the desirable ‘entourage effect’

Apart from the technical aspects this company takes the customer’s palate into account too. Unflavored CBD tincture when consumed by itself, leaves a very earthy aftertaste behind. While there are some users who prefer the earthy taste, the rest of the users want nothing to do with it. That is why CBDfx produces both flavored and unflavored tinctures. 

The flavored ones are imbued with enjoyable organic natural flavors like blueberry, lime, pineapple and kiwi. All of these flavours are organic and natural. 

CBD tinctures come in three capacities namely- one is 500 mg and the other two are 1000mg and 1500mg. The company regularly offers discounts if you buy two or three packs bundled together. 

Amount and price

The 500mg one contains 17mg CBD per serving 

Likewise the 1000mg one offers 33mg CBD with each serving

1500m has 50mg CBD per serving

All of the prices range somewhere between $75 – $160.

CBD Vape Oils

cbdfx review

Even though taking it products sublingually is the most common way of ingesting it, numerous individuals want to vape CBD in light of the fact that they find the act of vaping enjoyable and relieving. 

The e-liquids by CBDfx which are used for vaping are insanely popular among vapers. It’s because they’re infused with natural ingredients as well to give off that sweet scent and taste. This little detail makes the act of vaping all the more pleasant. 

CBDfx has four select products in its vape collection. They are –

  • vape juice
  • Vape additives
  • Vape kits and pens

Vape juice

cbdfx review

Their vape juice has a propylene and glycerine base. The glycerine is vegetarian. They’re available in three capacities respectively 250, 500 and 1000mg. You can use it to fill your vape pen or if you’re just getting started then CBDfx also offers kits and pens of his own. So you can buy one and fill that. 

Some of the flavors are pretty interesting like blue raspberry, rainbow candy, strawberry milk etc. They’re worth the hype. Other than these awesome perks there’s also the matter of savings and as i said earlier if you go on their website you’ll see that they have the option to pretty much buy everything in bundles so you can avail it and save a penny. 

Vape additive

When using vape additives customers customize it themselves to get that added pleasure out of it. For that they mix the vape additive with the vape oil they’re already using. Even if it’s not CBDfx vape oil, which we strongly recommend. Because it has to be mixed with already flavored oils the creators have listed this one without any flavor. 

These additives are only available in two capacities, 120 mg and 300mg respectively. Similarly if you buy in bundles of 3 or 6, you’ll be eligible for discounts. You can buy a vape kit from their website as well. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive about their kit. 

Vape kits and pens


cbdfx review


cbdfx review

Unlike most vape pens available on the market, the ones sold by CBDfx are high quality and disposable. So if you’re someone who wants to pick up vaping to lessen aches or for better self or if you don’t want to go through the hassle of recharging it, then this one is it for you. 

Operating them is not very hard as well. Upon one inhale the vape pen is instantly activated by itself. 

The amount of hemp present in one pen is 30mg. This is high quality, cultivated on American soil hemp. 

The flavours are refreshing. Some of them are – tropic breeze, fresh mint etc. 

Like the rest of the products in this list, if you buy 3 to 12 packs you’ll be able to get a discount. 

Besides these CBDfx also offers rechargeable vape pens, kits and refill cratiftges. You can buy them alongside the CBD oilb to save time and money. 

CBD Topicals

CBDfx has three candidates in the skin care race. CBDfx Rejuvediol Face Serum has a self explanatory name. This face serum is used to rejuvenate and soothe really dry skin. This has the potential to replace your daily moisturizer. It also possesses anti aging properties. 

cbdfx review

Apart from 250mg of CBD this topical also contains essential oils extracted from orange, plenty of vitamin E, Jojoba oil and chamomile etc to repair skin. The application is very easy, all you have to do is take a dab of it and heat it by rubbing your palms. Then dab your warm hands all over your face and neck after cleansing it with a cleanser. 

The second tropical called the CBDfx CBD topical cream is largely used to get rid of inflammations. It contains white willow bark that is known for its pain relief properties. This item has an unique mixture of caffeine and CBD to promote blood flow and menthol  to release cooling effects. It’s available in two capacities, 100mg and 150mg where the latter is meant to be applied on a larger surface area.

Last but not the least, it’s got four skin balms targeting four different skin problems. All of them contain 150mg of CBD each. The calming balm which contains the healing properties of tea tree oil, the scent of lavender and the calming effect of chamomile promotes growth and healing of chafed skin and brings the mind peace. 

cbdfx review

The muscle balm comprising wintergreen and peppermint makes fatigue and aches in muscles go away. Lastly overnight recovery balm and the shea butter citrus balm calm the mine down while re-energizing skin. 

CBD Capsules

CBDfx has another option for those who do not like the taste of hemp oil, they can just take CBD capsules with their daily vitamins. Gelatin and fractionated light coconut oil acts as a base for these capsules. Because of the presence of gelatin, it’s not suitable for vegan users. 

It’s available in two capacities, one 30 caps bottle and one 8 caps travel pack. Both contain 25mg of CBD each. 

The recommended dosage for this is 1 or 2 pills daily with food and drink. If you’re using this to better your sleep cycle, then  CBDfx advises taking one every night before bed. 

CBD Gummies and edibles

Generally gummies contain artificial sweeteners to make the candy sweet. But health conscious users do not like extra sugar in their diet. That’s why CBDfx came up with this hundred percent vegan and organic way of consuming CBD in gummies form. 

These do not contain a lick of artificial sweeteners. They use gluten free products to create that perfect berry flavor. Instead of regular sugar, organic cane sugar has been used which is bound to taste a little different. In our opinion it tastes great. 

Besides that a healthy blend of spirulina and turmeric is also sold by CBDfx in the form of gummies to boost immunity. 

They are usually sold in two capacities – one 60 cap bottle and another 8 cap bottle. 

Apart from all these products CBDfx has some eccentric yet efficient products like sublingual strips, potable shots as well. If one user wants some pain relief while travelling and isn’t in a position to wait for CBD to take effect, then strips are the way to go. All they have to do is put the fresh mint flavored strip under their tongue and wait for it to dissolve. It takes less than a minute and it hits the bloodstream sooner providing instant pain relief. 

The shots, which are arguably the most whimsical and unique product of CBDfx, contain L-Theanine, an amino acid which is known to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. This shot is a concoction of 20mg of CBD and 200mg of L-Theanine. This drinkable shot, otherwise called chill shot is available in two flavors, berry and lemonade. The lemonade one is our favorite! This drink is meant to be served cold and drunk at once. You can buy it in multiples of three. 


CBDfx is a company that focuses on providing quality CBD products for their customers. They’ve got a wide array of products for the customer’s choosing. Starting from traditional oils to innovative chill shots, they’ve got it all. All of which are made in America. It also promises free shipping all over the country! Which is a very rare thing in the CBD industry. 

Their transparent nature when it comes to the safety of users is commendable. And their noteworthy customer service is another big plus. All the compliments about the same is well deserved.

Even though they provide so many products and cater to so many different needs, the quality and purity is maintained religiously. 

Also if you’re indecisive like me and choosing things is not your forte then you will definitely like their little kits. Which saves time and money! 

The only problem I have with CBDfx is the lack of background information on the brand itself. Apart from that it is pretty much perfect. 


In today’s world honesty and transparency is hard to find. This is a company that provides both alongside amazing products. You get your money’s worth everytime. So if you’re new to the CBD regimen and want a trustworthy brand to start with, then CBDfx is it. We wholeheartedly recommend their products to everyone. 

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