Canna-Pet Review – Why Is Canna-Pet Among the Top Brands for CBD?

Almost all pet parents have come to this crossroads in their lives: what medication do I give to my pet? Will there be side-effects? If yes, then how do I deal with them? It’s no doubt that the strong chemicals used in the prescription drugs for our dogs and cats do more harm than good for them in the long term. If given the choice, we would always want to opt for the safer options, wouldn’t we? Keep reading this Canna-Pet reviews to know more.

Hence, a new trend of homeopathic supplements has come to the rescue: hemp-based supplements and oils that boast a long list of benefits for our pet friends. There are a range of hemp products available for different needs. But again, the same question arises, are these worth it? Here we deep dive into one of the well-known brands for CBD products for pets: Canna-Pet. Read below to see what we found.

Canna-Pet: What Is It?

Canna-Pet is a brand that focuses on making natural hemp-based supplements for our pets, such as dogs, cats, and horses. These supplements are available in various forms: oil, capsules, and biscuits. Canna-Pet is one of the first companies that began making hemp-based supplements exclusively for pets, but now that many new brands have started competing with it in this category, does it still live up to the expectation?

Now, First Things First, What in the World Is Hemp?

Hemp plant is so versatile that whatever you can think of on the top of your mind, you bet it can be made with hemp. From milk to coffee, from paper to shoes, from clothes to supplements, hamp is used to make over 50,000 commercial products! No, we aren’t kidding.

Hemp belongs to the Cannabis family of plants. Now, don’t confuse this with the notorious marijuana that’s used as a recreational drug. Though both the plants belong to the Cannabis family, Marijuana has far higher levels of THC, i.e., 15-40%, compared to 0.3% in hemp. This chemical is responsible for the “high” effect after taking it. Hence, you can guess that it’s safe for your pets. 

What Goes Inside Canna-Pet Products?

Canna-Pet reviews

The main ingredient, of course, is hemp. This hemp is perfectly safe as it’s non-GMO and organically grown. Other components in Canna-Pet capsules are flavonoids and terpenes. Terpenes are the chemicals responsible for the different kinds of scent found on the hemp plants. These are what determine the kind of properties and effects the different hemp plants will have. Flavonoids provide distinct taste, smell and color to the hemp plants. The hemp biscuits are generally made with organic barley flour and hemp.

You can use these to deal with a wide variety of medical issues in animales, such as arthritis, anxiety, and chronic pain. These products wouldn’t induce the “high” effect as well.

Why Should You Choose Canna-Pet?

Here are some reasons why we recommend you go for Canna-Pet products:

Canna-Pet Is Science Backed

All CBD and hemp products interact with the endocannabinoid system (or ECS). This system is found naturally in mammals and has 2 major receptors: CB1 and CB2. These receptors are distributed throughout the brain and body. The reason why this system is important with respect to CBD products is that it deals with functions such as pain management, appetite regulation, and emotional functions like stress, fear, and anxiety.

CBD and hemp products simulate these senses and hence manage a lot of medical conditions and symptoms.

Canna-Pet Contains Other Useful Compounds 

Canna-Pet has 8 other cannabinoids and 30 other terpenes in balanced proportion. This ensures that your pet has a wholesome supplement rather than just a single concentrated dose of CBD.

Entourage Effect

Canna-Pet CBD gives you the best results possible by providing the other cannabis plant compounds that CBD needs to interact with and gives the best outcome possible, with maximum potency.

No-Fuss Dosage Administration

There are a lot of really simple ways to give the CBD product doses to your pets. You can hide the CBD capsules in your pet’s treats, or you can even break open the capsules and spread the contents on your pet’s favorite meal! Another way of your pet kid to take the CBD dose is through a dropper directly to their mouths. Don’t worry about the taste as Canna-Pet products come in a lot of tasty flavors as well, that are safe for your pets.

Canna-Pet Isn’t a Medicine

Canna-Pet is a supplement. Hence, you don’t need to worry about it interfering with other medications or food that your pet is taking. You can introduce Canna-Pet products to your animal’s diet without making any changes to its regular routine.

Are There Any Side Effects of Canna-Pet?

Since the anatomy of different animals is different, the side effects, if any, would be highly dependent on what kind of pet you have. Mostly, users reported one side effect: Tiredness. There was one complaint where the pet parent said that their pet had one seizure per month, and after taking Canna-Pet, the frequency of the seizures increased to one per week. These are found to be exceptions among hundreds of positive reviews by the pet parent.


Bailey is a 16-year-old dog diagnosed with arthritis. It became painfully difficult for him to walk and play. His parent Julie began giving him the Canna-Pet capsules, because of which he could reduce his pain symptoms and happily resume his physical activities.

Spider is a 17-year-old dog. He was losing his appetite and frequently repelled food. He also began losing weight as a result. After using Canna-Pet, Spider has begun to regain his appetite and is putting on some weight too.

CBD Products for Dogs

Canna-Pet reviews

CBD Products for Cats

Canna-Pet reviews

Kai is a barrel-racing horse who contracted arthritis in her knees because of her strenuous physical activities. She had to get awfully painful injections in her knees for temporary pain relief and reduce the knee liquid. Kai’s parent is happy with the results and uses Canna-Pet regularly to reduce her knee inflammation and resulting pain.

Hemp Oil for Horses

Canna-Pet reviews


Canna-Pet can be reached for queries via email communication. There’s no dedicated helpline number. 

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil: Differences

Though CBD oil and hemp oil both are derived from the same hemp plant, both differ a lot in properties because CBD oil is extracted from flowers and hemp oil is obtained from hemp seeds. Moreover, they serve different purposes. Hemp oil is majorly used for its moisturizing properties, hence it is an ingredient in soaps, lotions and moisturizers. Also, they contain essential fatty acids as well which are good dietary supplements. CBD oil, as you might have got an idea, is mainly used as a health supplement for humans and pets.

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil doesn’t display any psychoactive properties. Hence, it is completely safe for your pets and they won’t “get high” on using it. Now, let’s move on to know what the health benefits are of using CBD oil for pets:

  • Makes your pet calm and reduces nervousness
  • Activates inflammatory system 
  • Triggers a relaxed state
  • Helps normalize the nervous system
  • Helps with seasonal allergies
  • Supports joints and helps them be flexible
  • Facilitates homeostasis

You can see why CBD oil is becoming so popular with pet parents and the public in general.

Canna-Pet Product Page

Canna-Pet reviews

How Should You Choose CBD and Hemp Products?

You should research thoroughly when it comes to buying CBD and hemp products for your pet. Buying with an informed decision is always the best practice. We understand that it can be difficult going for one brand or specific product when you have a plethora of options to choose from in today’s overwhelming market. Proceeding with caution has become all the more necessary because of several potentially unreliable brands selling their products.

The Sources of CBD and Hemp

It is fundamental to cross check where the hemp plants that are used to make your products are coming from. They should always be GMO-free, organically grown in the United States. To save costs, some companies import the plants from Russia and China, but this step leads to questionable quality. 

Amount of CBD

Always check for the amount of CBD in your oil and other products, the higher the CBD, the better. And, as we have already told you that CBD is obtained from the hemp plant rather than seeds, always look out whether the CBD product that you’re using is extracted from the seeds or not. To save costs, many brands mix hemp seed extracts to the final product, which increases volume for them but reduces CBD content that’s not good for you.

No Added Chemicals

Always double check the ingredients mentioned in the CBD product you’re opting for to see if there’s any unnecessary added chemical. If there are any flavorings, make sure they aren’t unfavorable to your pets. For example, peppermint and chocolate are harmful to dogs. 

Consult the Vet Before Buying Anything

Although hemp and CBD products are often safe to use for your pet children, and they have virtually no side effects, it’s still a good idea to first consult a vet before introducing a new supplement or medicine to your pet. Also, keep the vet in the loop about the complete medical charts of your pet animal so that they can give the best possible advice to you.


We recommend using Canna-Pet for any pet suffering from chronic conditions like inflammation, stress, and pain. According to us, Canna-Pet is a wondrous supplement with the goodness of 8 cannabinoids and up to 30 different terpenes, apart from CBD. 

This not only tackles your pet’s medical problems holistically, but also provides pain relief and makes your pets feel relaxed, which are extremely crucial in your pet’s older years.This is a great natural relaxant and works wonders in relieving stress. You can even try the different forms of CBD that are available from Canna-Pet, for example, the Advanced MaxHemp Liquid.

Also, there are little to no traces of THC in CBD products by Canna-Pet, since the source plant, hemp itself has less than one percent of this compound. Hence, your pet is not going to feel “high” from being dosed by marijuana, rather they will just receive the goodness of hemp with no risk of psychoactivity triggers. 

You can always try the different CBD forms and see what works best for your pet. There’s no harm in giving it a go.

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