Best CBD Oil for Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s Syndrome is a comparatively rare neuropsychiatric disorder that commonly becomes evident in early childhood or late adolescence. In some cases, the first symptoms have a late-onset in adulthood. TS is a part of the spectrum of Tic Disorders and has severely affected about 200,000 Americans. 

Tics are the repetitive, stereotyped, and involuntary movements or vocalizations that interfere with routine activities and sometimes compromise the normal lifestyle of the patient. TS does not require treatment unless it causes impairment of normal function. 

All currently practiced medication regimes tend to suppress the occurrence of tics and provide effective management of this generally lifelong disorder.  However, there is no definite cure. 

The neuroleptics and stimulant medications have numerous side-effects on long-term use. In this scenario, alternative medicine may be a viable and more dependable option. With the permission of your neurologist, it is possible to explore the wonders best cbd oil for tourette’s syndrome has to do for effective management of TS. 

What is CBD oil and how is it different from hemp? 

CBD, THC, and hemp oil are all obtained from the marijuana plant. It is important to differentiate these three to avoid confusion. 

CBD has similarities in the chemical formula with THC but does not cause the recreational effects typically associated with marijuana. In simple words, there is no ‘high’. The use of CBD results in a nice and calm mood instead. 

CBD is widely utilized in medical research. There are but a few medications that officially incorporate CBD. There is around 40% CBD in the oil form whereas the crystal powder form has about 99.8% CBD content. 

THC is illegal under US federal law. For this reason, even 0.3% THC in a dry mass of CBD will be considered illegal unless you are in a state where recreational marijuana is not prohibited.. 

Contrary to your expectations, hemp oil is quite commonly used in the food and beauty industries. There is no CBD or THC content in the Omega-3 rich hemp oil so that it has no relaxation or ‘high’ effects. Hemp oil is healthier and easier to digest than most other edible fatty oils used in food preparation. 

While THC is obtained from the marijuana plant, CBD is derived from a specific species of marijuana known as Cannabis Sativa L. This is because Cannabis Sativa L. has a naturally lower amount of THC than the other varieties. Hemp oil is obtained by the cold pressing of Cannabis Sativa L. seeds. 

THC is popularly known as ‘weed’ and is used as a recreational drug. It is usually illegal to produce, sell, and use. CBD, on the other hand, has a variety of common uses. It is utilized in manufactured foods and is often sold as vapor, pills, tincture, and sprays. 

CBD oil is legal in the USA with certain conditions 

Any product with CBD in the USA is legal if the total content of THC is less than 0.3%. It is also important that the CBD oil is manufactured by an approved manufacturer with a certified manufacturing process and quality. The manufacturers of CBD oil can produce oil only within the requirements of the farming bill according to the respective US state. 

We have brought you a list of trusted CBD oils that will help you effectively manage Tourette’s Syndrome 

This list includes Fab CBD, Hemp Bombs, Spruce, Sabai Dee, and Joy Organics which are all tried and tested for alleviating the symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome without the side-effects of conventional medications. 

Fab CBD Oil

best cbd oil for tourette's syndrome

Based in Colorado, Fab CBD is known for bringing high-quality CBD products to the market since 2017. They use the CO2 extraction method to obtain their CBD oil high in concentration and without any toxins. 

The company is also very transparent about its products. All their products are subjected to third party testing and the results are then published on their website where the potential buyers can assess the exact composition. 

You will be amazed to see the detailed customer reviews of the products on their website. This builds more trust amongst the consumers. 

This CBD oil is available in three delicious different flavors: natural, mint, and citrus. It is comparatively easy to administer Fab CBD oil in kids because of the availability of Fab CBD gummies and chews. Each piece of the 30 gummies pack contains 25mg of CBD. Besides rendering ease of administration, these gummies and chews are also great in taste. 

To top it all, Fab CBD oils are about 20% cheaper than all other brands of CBD oil available in the US. Fab CBD oils can easily be called the cheapest and the best choice.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

best cbd oil for tourette's syndrome

Hemp Bombs derive their CBD oil from superior-grade industrial hemp. The company also claims to use sustainable methods for the cultivation and production of their high-quality CBD oil. 

Their industrial hemp is grown organically in soil free from pesticides, harmful chemicals, or pollutants. Known to be amongst the best premium quality CBD oils available in the US, Hemp Bombs are also trustworthy. Their products undergo third-party verification through quality lab tests. 

Made sustainably and excellent in taste, Hemp Bomb CBD oils are considered the most potent variety of CBD oils. They are available in five concentrations and  come in drool-worthy peppermint and watermelon flavors. Best in authenticity and quality, Hemp Bombs CBD oil is very much recommended for first-time use. It is usually administered sublingually with a dropper. 

Spruce CBD Oil

This highly potent CBD oil is relatively new in the market but has earned a respectable reputation for its quality. Grown and manufactured in Kentucky, the hemp for Spruce CBD oil does not use any chemicals. This absence of chemicals in the growth and manufacture is a fairly attractive point for organic consumers. 

Users also report that they continue the use of Spruce CBD oil because of the consistency in their quality. Unlike most other CBD oils, this one has two different oil bases for its variety of flavors. You can choose between coconut and hemp seed oil base depending upon what suits your taste. 

Sabaidee CBD Oil

Several people trust Sabaidee CBD oil because of its rigorous and public laboratory tests. There are third parties involved in their testing regimes to ensure that you are confident about the product. 

Each batch of CBD oil manufactured by Sabaidee is tested by a third party and the results are available on their website. The company uses organically grown hemp to extract CBD and it is ensured that no toxins enter the soil. Sabaidee CBD oil works full spectrum and is fortified with coconut and peppermint for easy palatability. 

Joy Organics CBD Oil

As the name goes, Joy Organics CBD oil is obtained from organically grown hemp. Kosher, vegan, and cruelty-free, Joy Organics CBD oil is the perfect choice for your sustainable lifestyle. 

As hemp is a bio-accumulator, it needs to be grown organically in toxin-free soil. This CBD oil is available in four distinct flavors: natural, lemon, mint, orange. Users give bad reviews for the taste of mint flavor. The natural flavor is liked the most. 

How effective is CBD oil in the management of TS? 

CBD can mediate neurotransmission by acting on specific areas of the brain concerned with motor function. CBD oil is capable of reducing both the frequency and the intensity of verbal and motor tics by acting on specific parts of the brain linked with the disorder. Tourette’s syndrome is more than often accompanied by associated behavioral disorders which are also well managed by the controlled and therapeutic administration of CBD.

A study conducted in 1998 by Hannover Medical School found out that cannabis caused an 82% reduction in tics and associated disorders when administered to TS patients. 

CBD has innumerable benefits in the management of TS 

If your loved one suffers from this condition, CBD can prove to be a blessing and ease their life. There are proven life-changing benefits of CBD oil for those suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome. 

It has been proven that CBD oil reduces the frequency of Tics

The frequent and often severe occurrence of tics is the most significant feature of Tourette’s Syndrome. A tic may be described as an involuntary and unexpected body movement or utterance of speech which can last for a brief period and occurs non-rhythmically. 

Tics are known to imitate the everyday pattern of behavior of an individual, often with an interrupting of daily activities. There usually occurs a build-up sensation before such actions are executed and a sense of relief is felt after they are performed. A valuable series of research has been performed to study the effect of CBD oil on the frequency of tics in patients of TS. 

The results of these studies are promising. In the 1998 clinical study conducted by the Hannover Medical School, it was noted that CBD usage reduced the frequency of tics by 82%. There was also a complete remission of tics in a significant number of patients. 

This ground-breaking effect produced by CBD occurs through cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. CBD oil successfully lowers the frequency of tics by acting on these receptors involved in motor and behavioral control. 

Aggression and Hyperactivity disorders are effectively reduced by CBD

You must be aware that Tourette’s Syndrome almost always has associated behavioral abnormalities like hyperactivity and rage outbursts. Such behavioral symptoms are more common in children than adults. It has been shown that aggression and hyperactivity occur in about 25% of children suffering from TS. 

While being unpredictable, these sudden outbursts are also disproportionate to the cause of aggression. The implications of this abnormal behavior could be self-harm and severe injuries to oneself and others. 

Children with Attention-Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder have difficulties in concentrating. The disorder is often marked by impulsive tendencies and episodes of hyperactivity. These symptoms are similar to the tics that occur in Tourette’s Syndrome. 

The Yale School of Medicine revealed in 2014 that Tourette’s Syndrome and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder may have similar genetic components. King’s College London carried out a randomized placebo-controlled clinical study in 2017 in which they showed that ADHD and the associated aggressive behavior seen in TS was effectively lowered by the use of CBD. 

CBD oil works effectively in the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders are commonly seen in conjunction with Tourette’s Syndrome. OCDs are characterized by repetitive behavior amidst which the patient feels an urge to constantly perform certain tasks and routines or to obsess over intrusive thoughts. 

Several individuals suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome have been known to develop OCD. The obsessive rituals start as an extension of the tics and then grow to impact the quality of life more negatively. 

OCD also sometimes aggravates motor tics that occur in TS. It becomes important to control compulsive behavior to reduce the symptoms of Tourette’s. In 2012, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais studied the role of CBD in the treatment of behavioral and psychiatric disorders, especially disorders like OCD that are related to anxiety. 

 It has been proven that CBD oil alleviates anxiety disorders by stimulating specific neurotransmission and providing symptomatic relief. 

It has been found that CBD oil increases the effectiveness of the conventional drugs used for treating TS

The conventional treatment for Tourette’s Syndrome aims to provide symptomatic relief as there is no known cure for TS. The treatment lowers the frequency and severity of the occurrence of tics. 

While medication is also offered to treat the disorders that occur along with CBD, aggressive tendencies are treated with behavioral therapies. Conventional medications like Haloperidol and Pimozide work by blocking neurotransmitters like dopamine which have a central role in tic disorders. Medications like Methylphenidate are used to treat ADHD and rage attacks are often controlled by Central Adrenergic inhibitor drugs. 

All these medications have numerous side effects which majorly include weight gain and often some involuntary movement. It has been shown by research that CBD is capable of reducing all the major symptoms of TS and the associated comorbid disorders without causing any serious side-effects.

The Life Sciences journal had published a study which established that the effectiveness of conventional drugs for TS is greatly enhanced by CBD. 

Our recommendation is Fab CBD oil. Fab CBD oil is the best in quality and quite affordable. The third-party tests guarantee that the product is trustworthy and the CO2 extraction method ensures that the extracted CBD is toxin-free. Best in quality and consistent in action, Fab CBD must be your first choice for efficiently managing Tourette’s Syndrome. 

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