best cbd oil for thyroid

Best CBD Oil For Thyroid

As the CBD and hemp industry is growing both in accountability and mass, new reforms and new avenues are opening up. CBD products are now being used to treat hundreds of diseases and illnesses. One of those is thyroid. You might have been a little baffled when your doctor first prescribed CBD products or when someone dealing with the same issue as yours told you how it helps you cope, and naturally so. Reaching out to alternative forms of medication can be a little bewildering at times and you obviously would not know what products work the best. We bring you Best CBD Oil For Thyroid.

Moving on to the boring part of the article but informational nonetheless. For those of you who are wondering how CBD products help with thyroid other than taking your mind off of it, for a while. Our body is made up of various receptor cells which help in maintaining homeostasis. These receptor cells carry out important functions both at organ level and neurological level. 

There are a number of cannabinoid receptor cells spread throughout our body which react to cannabinoids either produced synthetically or extracted from CBD products. These receptor cells are responsible for stimulating certain organ functions and for communicating certain signals to our brain. These cannabinoid receptor cells are present in the thyroid gland, which is why consuming CBD products could help in regulating certain functions of the thyroid gland, in turn helping with the disease.

Now that you know how CBD products can be helpful, we can move on to which products to use. CBD oils are ranked most effective when it comes to medical use. The receptors below our tongue are very strong and let the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream in the easiest and fastest way. Because of which CBD oils, which are meant to be consumed orally, are so effective. 

Finally we move on to the good part, given below is a list of some of the best CBD oils that have worked amazingly for a million people and will 100% work for you too. 

best cbd oil for thyroid

Nuleaf Naturals

best cbd oil for thyroid

Nuleaf Naturals, a hemp brand founded in the year 2014 has only proved its righteous place in the market ever since. They have delivered only quality products and they specialise in every single product. Their limited range of products is because of that factor alone. They strive to provide products of only the best quality. ‘Nuleaf Naturals’ has CBD oils, previously with lesser potency (24mg) but now with enhanced versions of it. 

They have CBD oils for both you and your pets! All of their CBD oils have the same potency but they are available in packages of various sizes which you can choose according to your requirement. All of their products are full spectrum and made with organically grown hemp (Grown in Colorado). Their oils are tinctures which basically means the cannabinoids in them are extracted from the plant using the CO² extraction method.

All of the bottles are available in bundles of 3 and 6 too, except the 5ml bottle. The oils are averagely priced and are of very high quality. The oils are packaged in light defense glass bottles which is an added layer of protection. 


best cbd oil for thyroid

CBD MD is one of the most renowned hemp growing brands ever. If you have talked to people who use CBD products on the daily, you might have heard them mention this brand quite a lot and rightfully so. Their products are both affordable and high quality. They have a wide array of products to choose from and have something for everyone. From lotion for irritated skin to pills for pain, they have it all. They are a brand of hemp grown in Kentucky and all of their products are broad spectrum which means their products contain light to zero traces of THC. 

THC is a naturally occuring element in hemp plants which is later extracted to form broad spectrum products. All of their hemp is organically produced without the additives and chemical pesticides. 

They have a huge product range that contains CBD oil, including the straight oils. 

We will be discussing the straight CBD oils (aka the tinctures) that are meant to be taken orally and also the vape oils that they have, so that you get a jist of it all and can decide what you want.

The straight CBD oils(tinctures) are available in an array of potencies and in two package sizes, 30ml and 60ml. They also come in 4 different flavours. A lot of brands try to incorporate product lines that are flavoured because the natural taste of hemp products can be quite strong, especially for beginners. The four flavours that the CBD oils come in are natural, mint, orange and berry. This while flavour inclusion helps the brand be more accommodative of everyone. 

They also have a vape oil range. These are also available in different flavours, namely, vanilla, mint and orange. These also come in the same 30ml and 60ml bottles with the same potencies. 

For those of you who are interested in other products that contain the CBD oil, they are as follows:-

CBD Capsules (These are for the people who do not like the taste of CBD oil or just do not like the whole ordeal of having oil in their mouth) These come in a pack of 30 and 60 capsules. They are available in a 15mg to 50mg potency which means you have a lot to work with. 

CBD Gummies (Same ordeal as the capsules, these are famous among people who do not like consuming tinctures orally but still need products that work internally and consist of the CBD oil) They are available in a pack of 30 gummies. They are also available in two different potencies, 10mg and 25mg, to keep your dosage in check. These delicious fruit flavoured gummies can be a little difficult to say no to. 

Sabai Dee

best cbd oil for thyroid

Another Colorado, home grown brand is Sabai Dee. Colorado is home to some of the best hemp fields leading to the production of some of the best hemp products. Sabai Dee is no exception to it. It is an affordable CBD brand with products of impeccable quality that you just cannot beat. 

A highlight feature about the brand is the fast shipping service and incredible customer service. The brand strives for customer satisfaction and has even passed full refunds on occasions of dissatisfaction. Do not be fooled, there have been very few. Their product line is not too vast but enough to cater to a lot of people. 

Their tinctures are some of the best and most renowned, in the market. The tinctures are available in 2 flavours, Cool Mint and unflavoured. You can choose whichever according to your preference. They are also available in an array of different potencies so that you know what you are getting into. 

The listed potencies are;

250mg per 30ml bottle (Good Vibes)- 8.3mg/ml

best cbd oil for thyroid

1000mg per 30ml bottle (Super Good Vibes)- 33.3mg/ml

best cbd oil for thyroid

2500mg per 30ml bottle (Mega Good Vibes)- 83.3mg/ml

best cbd oil for thyroid

All of these tinctures are available at ultra affordable prices but if you still want to save some extra bucks, they also come in packs of 2, 3 and 6. The bigger the pack, the greater the savings on individual bottles. They also come in bundles in which you get two or more of these tinctures. You choose whatever it is that you want, according to your prefered or prescribed dosage. 


best cbd oil for thyroid

Spruce is more of a high end hemp products brand. They have a small range of CBD products which are literally some of the best to exist. They make sure that all of their products contain low to no traces of THC so that the products work mainly towards treatment of illnesses and diseases and do not result in a psychoactive high that might be induced by products of full spectrum or low quality products that contain a lot of other unethical, chemical fillers to bring down the price of the products. 

The hemp is grown on two family owned fields in Kentucky and North Carolina, so you can be sure to trust their products. Their products are tested in third party labs to increase accountability and build trust as they cannot interfere with the grading of their products. Instead of the usual CO² extraction that most brands go for, this brand as it is devoted mainly to treatment of diseases, uses the moonshine extraction method, where in all of the moonshine is filtered out of the hemp. 

The oils are available in two main potencies, they are:-

750mg per 30ml bottle- 25mg/ml of product

best cbd oil for thyroid

2400mg per 30ml bottle- 80mg/ml of product

best cbd oil for thyroid

Their oils are unflavoured and completely raw. They are not messed around with and give you the most complete CBD healing experience possible. Their products are vegan and gluten free and indefinitely some of the most high quality CBD products available today.

Royal CBD

best cbd oil for thyroid

Royal CBD is not necessarily expensive but it is not cheap either but that does not take away from the fact that they are one of the best CBD product suppliers. Their products are organically grown and GMO free, talk about healthy. They take pride in the quality of their products and cross every lab test, there is. All of their products are full spectrum which is technically the way hemp is supposed to be consumed. 

Their products are also extracted through the CO² extraction method which is most popular with brands that supply CBD products. They have a huge range of CBD oil products including CBD oil infused dog treats for your dog. They deal in a bunch of products which are not straight concentrates but today we are going to be talking about the CBD oils. While the brand is not the most renowned, it is a finder’s gem. 

All of their CBD oils are concentrated aka tinctures. All of the oils are available in four main flavours, namely, mint, vanilla, berry and natural. This is to ensure that people that do not like to consume unflavoured oils can have something to choose from and a good variety in that too. They have somewhat of a large spectrum of potencies to choose from. 

They are as follows:-

250mg per 30ml bottle- approx. 8mg/ml of hemp extract

best cbd oil for thyroid

500mg per 30ml bottle- approx. 17mg/ml of hemp extract

best cbd oil for thyroid

1000mg per 30ml bottle- approx. 33mg/ml of hemp extract

best cbd oil for thyroid

2500mg per 30ml bottle- approx. 83mg/ml of hemp extract

best cbd oil for thyroid

There are also other CBD oil infused products available. It is important to keep in mind that the products that are consumed and meet the bloodstream through the digestive tract are significantly less effective than the ones consumed orally. 

But if you still prefer to consume it the other way, here are your options:-

CBD gummies– These gummies have the potency of 10mg per serving and 25mg per serving. Each tub contains 30 gummies. They do come with the added sugar content and are fruit flavoured. 

CBD softgels– These are basically capsules made of CBD oil, these are more direct as compared to gummies which contain all of the extra unnecessary stuff. They have the potency of 25 mg per serving. You get 30 softgels per bottle. 

When it comes to savings, it is the same with all of the products. The more you buy, the more you save. All of the products come in multiple bottle packages which save you a couple of extra bucks per unit. A neat thing to keep in mind if you end up buying a couple of bottles individually anyway.


With the hemp and CBD industry it can be difficult to trust just anyone’s work or any site. So having options or getting the best deal can be a little tricky. So to help you, we have given you all of the information you will need to get the right product. 

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