Best CBD Oil For Sciatica

Best CBD Oil for Sciatica

Sciatica refers to the pain that travels along the large Sciatic nerve. This large nerve starts in the lower back and extends through the buttocks into each leg, innervating the lower back muscles, legs, and the toes. 

Sciatica is not a separate disease. It is basically a term used to describe the painful symptoms of an underlying condition. This tormenting pain is experienced by about 40% of adult Americans. The level of pain can range from slight tingling sensation to serious debilitating lower back and leg pain. 

Many conditions could result in acute Sciatica. Chronic Sciatica is most commonly caused by a herniated or slipped disc, or spinal stenosis. Sciatica is usually the clue to the detection of these underlying conditions. We will herein recommend you the best CBD oil for Sciatica related pain.

How often do conventional treatments for Sciatica help? 

Best CBD Oil For Sciatica

It is quite difficult to provide absolute comfort to patients with slipped discs. The dislodged discs do not heal or fit back in place on their own and this creates agonizing long-term painful conditions. Sciatica can also result from compressed nerves in the lower vertebrae, spinal stenosis in the lumbar region, and acute injuries. 

There is not one treatment for Sciatica. As this is not a separate disorder, there are as many treatments as the number of underlying disorders that cause it. Several patients find relief by practicing lower-back stretches. Others strengthen their bodies with pilates and yoga. Those with more unbearable and severe pain have to rely upon heavy painkillers.

If the Sciatica is the result of an inflamed tissue, doctors advise alternating hot and cold packs and anti-inflammatory over-the-counter drugs like Ibuprofen. More severe pain needs physical therapy. Patients are also treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy these days in which they are taught to effectively react to the pain sensation. 

In very severe Sciatica, surgery becomes a viable option. Lumbar laminectomies and Discectomies are performed as a last resort option.

Prescribed medications and painkillers can cause serious side-effects over time which are often not well tolerated by the patients. There is always a risk of abuse and addiction on prolonged use of painkillers. 

This is why so many Americans now resort to CBD oil for a better and safe management of their tormenting pain. CBD oil is now considered an alternative treatment for Sciatica with recorded good results. 

Can CBD oil really help the people suffering from Sciatica? 

Several Americans now depend on CBD oil to alleviate their Sciatica pain. This eliminates the risk of abuse or addiction typically seen with conventional prescribed medications. CBD is also comparatively cheaper, in addition, there are no complications that usually occur with regular painkillers on long term use. 

CBDs help in relieving severe pain like Sciatica by rightfully modulating the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors that are inherently capable of altering the response to pain reception. In case of circumstances that cause severe pain, the endocannabinoid system becomes overwhelmed and is incapable of performing at its normal rate and efficiency. This explains the sudden bouts and rises in pain sensation. 

When the endocannabinoid system is not functioning at its capacity, the use of CBD oil can have wonderful therapeutic implications. 

Basically, CBD oil works to strengthen the body’s natural system of pain management. The endocannabinoid and cannabinoid receptors of the body are activated to effectively alleviate pain. 

CBD is a cannabinoid, so it serves to increase the number of pain modulators available in the endocannabinoid system. This means that CBD increases the action of the system in response to triggering stimuli. Whether the stimuli is a slipped disc or a spinal stenosis, or an inflamed tissue irritating the sciatic nerve, CBD increases the capability of the body’s natural analgesic system.  

Just the way antibiotics boost up the body’s immune system to fight invading harmful bacteria, CBD preps an army of the body’s natural pain alleviators in response to abnormal stimuli. 

Does CBD oil get you high?

This is a common misconception associated with CBD oil. No. CBD oil does not get you high. Marijuana has two primary cannabinoids: THC and CBD. While both of them have similar pain modulating effects on the endocannabinoid system, the psychoactive effects are only associated with THC. 

You will not get high if you take CBD oil as a daily measure for alleviating your tormenting Sciatic pain. This is exactly why several Americans now prefer CBD oil over other alternative treatments. CBD oil can therapeutically offer pain relief and also help in controlling inflammation. 

How effective is CBD oil in managing Sciatic pain? 

A research conducted by Italian scientists in 2005 studied the effects of cannabinoid receptors in relation to pain. They also tried to identify the role of cannabinoid receptors in relation to chronic constriction injuries of the sciatic nerve.

Before being treated with cannabinoids, there was marked degeneration of myelinated fibres in the sciatic nerve tissues of the subjected animals. It was seen after repeated administration of cannabinoids that the nerve tissue damage repaired itself. This study suggested that cannabinoids may not only alleviate pain but will also promote healing of the damaged nerve tissue. 

Although treatment with CBD oil is not verified by the FDA and remains in the domain of alternative treatments, it is quite effective in managing Sciatica related pain. Getting to the point of a CBD-based Sciatica drug would be a far fetched dream but high quality CBD oils are abundantly available in the market. 

How to choose the best CBD oil for Sciatica? 

Just like every other product in the market, there could be many discrepancies in the different varieties of CBD oils. There are certain things you should keep in mind while selecting the appropriate CBD oil for treating your Sciatica. 

Always look for CBD oils that have been extracted using CO2 methods

This is a very important factor because hemp is a bio-accumulator variety of plant. It absorbs all toxins and minerals present in its soil. CO2 extraction ensures that no such toxins are extracted along with the CBD during the extraction process. The presence of CO2 extraction process is a measure of quality CBD oil. 

Go for organically grown and manufactured CBD oils

Because hemp is a bio-accumulator, it is essential for it to be grown without toxic chemicals. Always prefer CBD oils obtained from organically grown and manufactured hemp so that you don’t expose yourself to toxins. 

Choose the brands that verify their products through third-party laboratory tests

The practice of third-party laboratory tests builds up confidence in the consumers. The results of these tests are often published on the company website so that consumers know the exact composition of their batch of CBD oil from the manufacturer. 

One amongst these is the best CBD oil for Sciatica

All these products have a valuable consumer base that recommends and reviews their effectiveness. 

Spruce CBD Oil 

Best CBD Oil For Sciatica

Spruce CBD oil is considered the best when it comes to potency. Many users agree that they settled for Spruce after trying all other available options. 

Spruce CBD oil is obtained from organically grown hemp and is produced as a family owned business. As you are aware, it is very important for hemp to be organically grown in a toxin-free environment. This is because hemp can absorb toxins from toxic soil which could then further be passed into the CBD oil. 

In addition to being obtained from organic hemp, Spruce CBD oil is extracted using a special moonshine extraction method that ensures no toxins enter the CBD oil meant for therapeutic purposes. Also, Spruce CBD oil is vegan and gluten-free so you don’t have to worry about animal-cruelty while treating your pain the way you do with other medications. 

This unique CBD oil has ‘extra strength’ potency and is quite affordable as compared to other CBD oils of comparative quality. To further reinforce your trust, the company conducts third-party lab tests and remains transparent about the composition of their product. 

Undoubtedly, there is no comparison with Spruce CBD oil when it comes to potency.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

Best CBD Oil For Sciatica

It is considered that NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil has the best natural ingredients. It is essentially the most raw and pure variety of CBD oil. It is obtained from organically grown hemp and is hence free from the major toxins found in low quality CBD oils.

The CO2 extraction method used by the company ascertains that no toxins enter the final product. To your gladness, there are no added preservatives or additives in NuLeaf Naturals CBD oils. The full spectrum mode of action proves that this oil does not undergo much processing at the time of manufacture. 

Unlike Spruce, this CBD oil does contain less than 3% THC which only adds to its effectiveness as a painkiller. It is available in bottles of various sizes so you can choose one according to your needs. Your trust is further enhanced by the third-party laboratory test each batch of NuLeaf CBD oils undergo. Because there are no added preservatives, the shipping is fast and free and the product is always fresh. 

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Best CBD Oil For Sciatica

Derived from superior industrial-grade hemp, Hemp Bombs are known as the most sustainable and trustworthy producers of CBD oil. Their methods of cultivation of hemp is organic. The company states that their soil for cultivation is free from pesticides, pollutants, and harmful chemicals. 

This premium quality CBD oil is also verified by third-parties through regular and quality laboratory tests. Hemp Bombs CBD oil is considered the most potent variety of CBD oil in America. Available in peppermint and watermelon flavors, this oil is usually administered sublingually in recommended dosage. First time users generally rely on Hemp Bombs CBD oil because of its excellent potency and popularity as a reliable brand. 

CBD Pure CBD Oil

This full-spectrum therapeutic cannabinoid is made with non-GMO hemp from Washington and Colorado. This organic hemp is grown by local farmers in the region and strict organic procedures are followed at each stage of cultivation and harvesting. This may be considered the purest form of CBD oil since it is free of fillers, preservatives and various other unnatural additives usually incorporated in CBD oils. 

Customers rely on this brand for its efficient and transparent third-party testing practice in which each batch of CBD Pure CBD oil is tested for quality and potency. The results of each test are made public on their website. Their quality laboratory tests include testing for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents and also screening for microbes. The cannabinoid profiling procedure makes sure you know the exact concentration of active cannabinoids in the product and can adjust the dose accordingly. CBD Pure CBD oils are also available as soft gels for intolerable sciatic pain. 

Joy Organics CBD Oil 

This broad spectrum CBD oil is one of the purest and most natural varieties of CBD oil you’ll come across. Founded by a family dedicatedly working towards healing, Joy Organic is one of the most trusted CBD oil brands in America. 

One premium feature of Joy Organics is the zero content of THC in their products. It is tested and proven that unlike many other mislabeled CBD oils in the market, Joy Organics CBD oil contains absolutely no THC. On top of that, the broad spectrum nature implies that many natural cannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant are available in this CBD oil so that each dose has a synergistic effect. 

This brand is the absolute best in consistency. One extraction process is followed for every batch and the consistency is well revealed by the third-party lab tests. As a boon for the patients of Sciatica, Joy Organics CBD softgels are twice as much absorbable as the best quality tincture oils prevalent in the USA. The company also offers a money-back guarantee scheme in case you are dissatisfied. 

One kind of CBD oil may not work for different people

There are certain things you must keep on mind as you rely on CBD oil for managing your Sciatica pain. It is not necessary that every CBD oil will work the same in every person. One brand might work well for someone and it may not work well for another. We all have our own special endocannabinoid systems with specific needs. You have to try various CBD oils before arriving at the one that suits you. 

While using CBD oils, it is important to not expect immediate results. CBD oil takes a while to affect your system. Always consult with a professional and follow guidelines before adding CBD oil to your therapy regime. 

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