best cbd oil for psoriasis

Best CBD Oil For Psoriasis

Psoriasis as we know is a genetic or autoimmune disease that presents itself in the form of irritation/painful swell-ups on the epidermal layer of the skin. While there are multiple over the counter, topical treatments that have been developed to relieve the skin, these are only temporary treatments that do not go a long way. 

Another reason why people look for alternative treatments is because of the inherent side effects of any allopathy related drugs. Psoriasis as a chronic disease does not have a vaccine or a cure and is not a skin disease that can be treated completely. The most you can do is try to minimize the flare ups.

Since allopathy does lead to side effects and cannot be consumed over a long period without bearing the brunt of it, people look for alternatives and one of those alternatives is CBD oils. If you are on here, you have possibly heard of CBD oils helping with the skin condition. 

There is a scientific reasoning behind this. CBD oils seem to inhibit skin keratinocyte proliferation which is just fancy language for, it will help, trust me it will. What this essentially does is it counteracts the attacking psoriasis cells and stimulates healthy skin production. Basically, it is as natural and as organic of a defense against psoriasis, as it possibly gets.

A very important thing that you need to consider while buying cannabis products is the potency of it. Various products are available in various potencies of cannabis. 

The potency you choose depends on two things. First being your previous experience with cannabis products, you do not want to jump straight into the major league which is the 4500mg or the 10000mg. Second factor being the severity of your condition. Of course, no matter how severe your condition is, you might want to consider easing into the ordeal and then eventually building your way up the potencies. 

Now that you know the whys and the hows, we can move on to some of the best CBD oils available out there to specifically work in favour of you and will do wonders for your skin.

Listed below are the best of the best CBD oil for psoriasis used for treating (partially) psoriasis:-

best cBD oil for psoriasis

CBD Living

best cbd oil for psoriasis

CBD Living as a brand for cannabis products is internationally proclaimed. It has made a pretty huge dent in the industry ever since it came into existence in the year 2013. While it has not been around for long, it only takes good quality products and reasonable prices for a brand to make it big. CBD Living is one of our most recommended brands and the oils and tinctures from them are perfect for cases of psoriasis. 

All of their products are full spectrum which essentially means these products contain all forms of cannabinoids in them including THC. This adds to the appeal and authenticity of the brand as a whole. The hemp used to produce their line is grown organically in Colorado. Organic hemp growing is something a lot of people look into, hemp sourced from fields which use artificial accelerators can be quite harmful and does not live up to the usual effect of cannabis products. 

But with CBD Living you can be sure that you get what you pay for and their products work great. There is a whole line of products that are presented in the market by the brand but the ones that we are going to be looking at today are the tinctures from the brand. 

First we are going to talk about their concentrated CBD tincture extract. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of tinctures, here is some information that might help you understand it better. 

Tinctures are basically just concentrated cannabis oil extracts, obtained through the process of CO² extraction. Tinctures are consumed orally, either raw or mixed with food or drinks. Your method of consumption only influences the period of effect and not the effect itself. If you choose to consume it directly by placing a couple of drops under your tongue, you will feel the effects earlier than if you were to mix the tincture with food or drinks. 

Their tinctures are available in two variants. One is the spray on tincture and the other one is the oil droplets. The basic difference between the two is the potency and the functionality. 

The oil drops are unflavored and are available in the potency of 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, 4500mg and 10000mg. Each potency means a different dose per ml of the product. 

  • The 300mg drops provide 10mg of straight extract per ml
  • 750mg drops provide 25mg/ml
  • 1500mg drops provide 50mg/ml
  • 4500mg drops provide 75mg/ml
  • 10000mg drops provide 166mg/ml

This helps you maintain your dosage and slowly increase or decrease it according to your will.

The spray tincture is supposed to be more of a travel buddy than anything else. The potency on it is pretty low at 100 mg. It is oil based and has no flavour. It is essentially the same thing as the drops but with lowered potency. The method of consumption remains the same. More sprays= more dosage. 

The things that attract people to this brand, especially the tinctures, is the reasonable pricing of the products, the unflavored range(some people prefer it that way) and the nanotechnology used in these products to ease consumption with bodily rejection. This is one of the top tier products and easily makes the list of the best CBD oils. 


Elixinol has been a leading cannabis product producing brand for over 25 years now. That is a long time of experience and presence when it comes to CBD brands. That is why when it comes to trust, there is no doubting this brand. With naturally grown and organically sourced hemp grown in the United States, there is a lot to rave about when talking about their products. 

Circling back to the tincture oils produced by Elixinol. There are 3 main kinds that we are going to be discussing today. Two of those are full spectrums and one is a broad spectrum tincture. Broad spectrum tinctures are the ones that are completely void of THC and full spectrums are the ones that contain all forms of cannabinoids. The three products that we are going to be discussing are as follows

Organic Balance (Full Spectrum)

This tincture oil has no added artificial flavours and is naturally flavoured. It has the potency of 300mg per bottle. Each bottle contains 30 ml of product which means you get 10mg of straight product per ml. You get 0.5ml of product every time you fill the dropper up. The dosage you take completely depends on you. 

Daily Balance (Full Spectrum)

This tincture is for the people who like the added flavour in their oils. It has a ‘cinnamint’ flavour which is a mix of cinnamon and mint. The flavours are very refreshing and calming all at the same time. The potency is 500mg per bottle. There are other variants too with 133mg, 1000mg and 4000mg of CBD oil. Each serving is supposed to contain 8mg/ml, which means each of these bottles contain different amounts of oil.

  • 133mg- 8ml
  • 500mg- 30ml
  • 1000mg- 60ml
  • 4000mg- 120ml (with 16mg/ml)

Daily Balance (Broad Spectrum)

As mentioned before broad spectrum tincture oils contain every cannabinoid except for THC. This is given a natural flavour of winter mint making it an easy transition into unflavored oils. It tastes pretty good and the potency on these tincture oils is the same as the full spectrum tincture oils. Only difference is the presence and absence of THC. 

All of the oils mentioned above from Elixinol are vegan, vegetarian, cruelty free, gluten free and lactose free making it easily accessible to anyone and everyone. 

Sunday scaries

Yes, the name is a little rave-y and might make the company seem like it is run by a bunch of amateurs but that is not the case. Sunday scaries’ products have been featured in numerous big coming of age blogs like BuzzFeed. There is actually a really nice story behind the naming of the brand which you can find on their website if you are interested in sweet little anecdotes that will not only make your day but will also help you ease into the CBD world. 

What makes this brand worth a try more than any other, is that it was initially started not as a business but just by hemp enthusiasts who wanted to treat people the way they were. With ambitions like theirs, you can expect nothing short of the best.

Moving on to the part that actually matters, product details. Their line of hemp/CBD products is quite vast. However, when it comes to CBD oil/tincture they have only one variant available in different potencies. This could be seen as a negative thing but it really is not. Sure you do not have a lot of choice but when a product line is boiled down to just one product, you know that the brand put in all of the possible effort and time into making that one product absolutely perfect. 

The same is with the Sunday Scaries’ hemp tincture with vitamin D3 and B12. The added vitamins make this tincture a stand alone product, it is a really innovative idea to incorporate other health benefits with hemp products. These tinctures have a potency of 500mg in a 30ml bottle. Which means you get 16.6 mg of straight product in every ml of this tincture. Every time you fill up the dropper you get 30mg of product, the recommended serving size is ⅓ of the dropper. That brings you to 10mg per serving. 

You can also save a ton of money by subscribing to the product and getting one every month or so. That way, it also makes the product pretty affordable and worth the money. All in all, it is a pretty great tincture, definitely one of the best. 

Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is a leading hemp/CBD product brand that was founded in 2014. While that might not seem like that long of a tenure and it definitely does not make it a veteran company, they have picked a thing or two on their journey to make products of impeccable quality. They have a wide range of CBD oils for both humans and pets! 

Today we are going to get into the human aspect of things and discuss the various measures in which their CBD oil is available. All of their oils are full spectrum which I am pretty sure we know about now. All of the oils are tinctures which means they are organically extracted using the CO² extraction method. 

All of their tinctures have the same potency which is 60mg/ml. However there are various sizes of bottles available to make sure that you never run out. The bigger the bottle, greater the savings. They also come in bundles so that you do not have to worry about having to order the bottles over and over again. This way you always have some in store. 

The tinctures are available in five different sizes, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. The only bottle that does not come in bundles is the 5ml bottle. Most people use it as a tester to know what they are getting themselves into. This is one of the smallest portion sizes available anywhere. Which makes it great for amateurs and beginners to test the waters before diving in. 


This sums it all up. Hemp and CBD can be a little hard to get into as there is not a lot of readily available information which might make things a little difficult. 

Hopefully this helped you out in some way and will facilitate your possible transition into the CBD world.

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