best cbd oil for fibroidsbest cbd oil for fibroids

Best CBD Oil for Fibroids

Uterine fibroids refer to a condition in which noncancerous polyps develop in the uterus. This condition affects women with the ability to bear children and is largely studied by medical practitioners. 

This disease usually becomes apparent in the abnormally severe menstrual bleeding, severe abdominal pain, and disturbed or extensive menstrual cycles. Large uterine fibroids could result in gross deformation while smaller fibroids may not cause any complications. 

Uterine Fibroids are professionally diagnosed through pelvic examination or ultrasound. The progression of uterine fibroids into cancer is rare but existent. Although, there is little chance of development of uterine cancer with the fibroids. Keep on reading to know how the best cbd oil for fibroids works.

How well does the traditional medication for fibroids serve? 

Uterine fibroids are usually seen in older women. The current medications for fibroids tend to decrease the levels of the hormone estrogen so that the fibroids shrink in size and their symptoms can be controlled. 

These medications can only be administered for limited periods of time because they are more than often accompanied by innumerable side effects. One such side effect is hot flashes. This is the reason so many women suffering from uterine fibroids rather go for surgery than depend on medication. 

Sometimes only the fibroids are surgically removed. Other times, the whole uterus has to be removed. 

How can CBD therapy be useful for Uterine Fibroids?

best cbd oil for fibroids

It is common knowledge these days that the human body houses its own cannabinoid receptors which are widely distributed in the whole body and also within the tissues of sex steroid hormones. Scientists are still studying the implications of CBD therapy on sex hormones and their tumors. 

Considerable amount of work has already been published about the endocannabinoid system’s ability to stop the progression and migration of tumors related to sex hormones. It has been proven through in depth study that cannabinoid compounds like CBD can be very effective in the successful treatment of sex organ mailgnancies, uterine fibroids, and a range of many other hormone related disorders. 

This is entirely possible because of the ability of CBD to stimulate the endocannabinoid system. 

Physicians often use endocannabinoids along with sex steroid hormones in synergy to restrict the cellular growth inside tumors and put an end to their vitality.

How does the endocannabinoid system work? 

The endocannabinoid system is spread throughout the human body along with its receptors. It is present in the digestive system, in the skeleton, in lungs, brain, connective tissues, reproductive organs, hair, and skin. Endocannabinoid system is a very complex system of internal signaling whose arrangement impacts many other metabolic pathways. 

The system is made out of transmembrane endocannabinoid receptors and proteins. Cannabinoids have the ability to influence the endocannabinoid system and cause favourable effects. 

What are endocannabinoids? 

Endocannabinoids are derivatives of unsaturated fatty acid. Research has found that they are synthesized only when they are needed. 

When the need arises, they are released from their storage locations and put into action. One of the best naturally known cannabinoids is anandamide. 

How is CBD different from THC?

There are two prominent cannabinoids that are derived from cannabis. One is THC, also called Tetrahydrocannabinol. Another is CBD or cannabidiol. Both of them are capable of affecting our body’s endocannabinoid system in different manners. 

THC is the recreational drug derived from cannabis that is banned across many states. THC is generally associated with the marijuana plant while other component cannabinoids are less well known. 

There are numerous therapeutic cannabinoids in the hemp plant, one of them is CBD. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and does not cause the feeling of euphoria typically associated with marijauana. It does not act on the cannabinoid receptors directly the way THC does. 

CBD is responsible for giving a boost to the natural endocannabinoids present in our body. This is why it is so well tolerated by several people. 

How much is CBD effective in case of uterine fibroids? 

Cannabinoid receptors have been discovered in reproductive tissue and this has encouraged researchers to investigate the role of CBD on tumors related to hormonal imbalance. It is known that the endocannabinoid system prevents the movement and the growth of tumors that develop due to sex hormones. 

CBD can be helpful as it would boost the endocannabinoid system to release more favorable endocannabinoids that’ll act in regressing the malignancies, tumors, and even fibroids.

Contrary to what you might expect, CBd will not entirely finish the fibroids  in your uterus. But there will be a temporary relief as you continue the intake. Practically, CBD hasn’t shown any clinical success in successfully mitigating fibroids. 

However, CBD is quite effective in greatly reducing the pain associated with uterine fibroids. Although, the cause will remain untouched. It is well known that CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. The use of CBD will reduce your suffrage due to pain and ensure that you live peacefully despite the problem. 

CBD therapy is most effective when it is accompanied by a change in lifestyle. A shift to high fibre foods will naturally reduce the estrogen levels in your body. 

Is CBD legal? 

Many states still have to witness the legalization of CBD but it is already legal in many states of the USA. The states that have legalized the possession of CBD have also made it possible to farm and sell CBD products. However, there are still a few states that have not legalized the use of CBD for medicinal purposes. CBD has been widely accepted and recognized by people who have suffered from chronic illnesses for a long time. 

Although, there are rules that regulate the amount of CBD you can purchase. These rules are different in different states. Fundamentally, any CBD product with less than 0.3% THC will be considered legal whereas anything beyond that will be considered illegal. 

Why go for CBD when it doesn’t directly heal fibroids?

This is just because the regular medication for uterine fibroids has a lot of side effects. Side effects can often become overwhelming and more problematic than the disease itself. Moreover, offering additive treatment for the side effects can become even more difficult owing to the addiction that is generally seen with such medication. 

People try to look for simpler means to treat their illness without causing more hassle and complications. CBD is a boon for those suffering from chronic pain because of such conditions. 

Along with offering unmatchable and natural pain relief without side effects, CBD has several other benefits over traditional medication. CBD is not addictive. In fact, CBD is usually recommended to people trying to heal from addictions to different medications. This method has proven to be successful with many people who were uncontrollably addicted to painkillers. 

We have brought you the best CBD oils to offer relief from Uterine Fibroids

As has already been stated, CBD oil will not eliminate or treat the fibroids in particular. But it will make the problem bearable by reducing the pain and inflammation that comes along. We have discussed CBD oils like Hemp Bombs, CBD Living, Elixinol, Royal CBD, and CBD Pure. 

Hemp Bombs CBD oil 

best cbd oil for fibroids

Produced from the best quality industrial hemp, Hemp Bombs produce the best CBD oil using sustainable methods of cultivation and processing. Their superior hemp is grown in toxin and pesticide-free oil so that no harmful chemicals reach the final product. 

Hemp Bombs is usually considered the most premium brand of CBD oil in the US. They have earned the valuable trust of their consumers by performing regular and open third party laboratory tests for all their products. 

Hemp Bombs CBD oil is very high in potency so that every average consumer can tolerate it well. This excellent variety of CBD oil is available in five different concentrations which you can choose amongst. There is the excellent peppermint flavor and the juicy watermelon flavor. 

This is easily considered the most authentic and high-quality CBD oil available in the US. The extreme popularity, high quality and the high potency very well recommend it for first time CBD oil users. The mode of administration is sublingual with the help of a dropper. It is advisable to consult your physician for optimum dosage and to keep a record. 

CBD Living CBD oil tincture

best cbd oil for fibroids

The company claims that its products don’t contain any THC. This claim is proven by the regular third party tests their products undergo. CBD Living CBD products are safe and legal and are very well tolerated by patients who utilize it daily. It is used both as a health supplement and a recommended treatment for many health disorders. 

The company is based in California and the CBD oil is produced in the most sustainable and organic manner. CBD Living has a special nano-CBD technology that increases the bioavailability and absorption of CBD in the body. Their products are vegan and purified with the best means so that there are no toxins. 

Amongst the many CBD products in the US market, CBD Living has set the unique dosage design that can be easily followed by all patients. The different dosage compositions of CBD tincture allow you to start with the smallest dose and increase the dosage gradually while keeping a record.

This special CBD oil tincture is administered sublingually with a dropper. It can also be rubbed on to the skin for immediate local effect. 

Elixinol CBD oil tincture

best cbd oil for fibroids

This brand’s CBD oil is considered the purest variety available in the USA. Made from superior and organically grown industrial hemp, this high quality CBD oil tincture could be the best you’d come across in the country. The CBD  is extracted using the CO2 extraction process which does not allow harmful toxins to enter the therapeutic products. 

Hemp extract, MCT oil, and cannabidiol are the mentioned ingredients in this tincture. It is full spectrum because of its more natural CBD content and the presence of certain other useful cannabinoids except THC. 

This very natural and good quality CBD oil tincture is available in cinnamint and natural flavors and is very much recommended for use in relieving inflammation and pain.

Royal CBD oil 

best cbd oil for fibroids

This high quality full spectrum CBD oil is best known for being consistent in its composition. The THC content is always less than 0.3% which is possible because of the company’s excellent extraction methods. 

There are unique high quality and CBD specific varieties of hemp from which Royal CBD oil is obtained. Average customers are satisfied with the high potency and good quality of this oil. All the constituents of this CBD oil are best in quality and the purity of this product is verified by the open and extensive third party testing all their batches have to cross. 

CBD Pure CBD oil 

best cbd oil for fibroids

This is a full spectrum CBD oil made from non-GMO hemp industrially grown in Colorado and Washington. Their organic methods of cultivation and thoughtfulness about veganism and sustainability make CBD Pure a preferred brand amongst the more aware population. 

The company specially mentions that their soil of cultivation does not have any pesticides or harmful chemicals. The methods of cultivation and harvesting are fully organic. There are no fillers or preservatives or any other unnatural additives in these CBD oils.  

All their products are verified through third party tests that are conducted regularly and under strict provisions. The results of these tests can be assessed on the company’s websites. The exact composition of your specific purchased bottle can be known. 

Unlike many other varieties of CBD oils, CBD Pure conducts a whole spectrum of laboratory tests that include testing for pesticides, residual solvents, and even microbes. Cannabinoid profiling is also conducted so that you are aware of every other cannabinoid present in the CBD oil. 

CBD oils can prove to be unbelievably beneficial in women suffering from uterine fibroids. Their synergistic impact along with regular medication can be very effective for those who don’t want to undergo any surgical procedures. CBD oil is also good for overall reproductive health and well being. You must ask your gynaecologist before incorporating CBD oil in your treatment regime.

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