best cbd oil for diabetes

Best CBD Oil For Diabetes

CBD oil which stands for cannabinoid oil has proven to be very effective as an alternate treatment method for a lot of different medical conditions like anxiety, epilepsy etc. 

CBD products work because of one basic reason, our body is made up of a lot of different receptors which react to various foreign compounds and elements differently. These receptors are also the cause of various allergies. One of these receptors is the cannabinoid receptor. This receptor reacts to cannabinoid carrying compounds, stimulates certain functions in organs and also communicates certain signals to the brain. Because of this conditions that are related to the nervous system are indefinitely affected by the cannabinoid products. 

Diabetes is a condition that causes inflammation and pain throughout the body because of high glucose(sugar) levels in the blood. CBD has an effect on the insulin and sugar levels in blood. CBD is also used to prevent the onset of diabetes in people who are likely to inherit it from their close relatives. Scientifically when we look at all the facts, it is extremely plausible that best CBD oil for diabetes can be used to control the effects. 

But then again, CBD as an element does not affect everyone in the same manner. Unlike western medicines, there is no set reaction that occurs when a patient’s body is introduced to CBD. There has not been an extensive research towards finding out how effective CBD is towards diabetes and that has been the root of all of the confusion towards it. However there have been multiple cases wherein CBD has been an inexpensive and natural way of minimizing the effects of diabetes. 

That being said, there is still a lot of stigma around the use of CBD for anything. And this stigma roots from the inherent thought that all cannabis products induce a high and later on lead to addiction. However the only compound in cannabis plants that leads to the said high, is THC which is absent in CBD products. 

So if you are open to trying out an alternative method that will not only save you the insane amount of money you will be spending on insulin but is also something that does not come with any major side effects then you might want to check the following list. 

Given below is a list of all of the CBD oil brands that have been raved about over the past few years. 

Royal CBD

best cbd oil for diabetes

Royal CBD as a CBD product brand has been around for relatively shorter than other brands but that does not necessarily take away from the quality of their products. A lot of people consider Royal CBD as their holy grail which has a lot to do with the affordable pricing and the impeccable quality of their products. They have gotten a wide range of products ranging from tinctures and topical treatments to edibles like gummies. 

Their products are made from hemp plants grown and harvested organically. You will find no chemical based fillers or unethical compounds in their products as they are third party lab tested and pass all of the tests. All of their products are broad spectrum with THC traces as low as 0.03% or lower. Talking about their tinctures/concentrated CBD oils, they have a base made of MCT oil. They are available in four different flavours for people who are put off by the natural flavouring of CBD products. The flavours are berry, mint, vanilla and natural. 

You could buy individual bottles or you have two other options, you could either buy them in bundles or you could get a subscription. Not of the other two options will save you some money on the individual pricing of a bottle of tincture. 

Moving on to the oil infused edibles that they have:-

CBD gummies: Their CBD oil infused gummies are fruit flavoured. They are available in two different potencies/strengths, 10mg per serving and 25mg per serving. Each tub of gummies contains 30 of them. 

CBD capsules: These are basically softgels filled with concentrated CBD oils, these are indefinitely healthier than the gummies as there are no artificial sweeteners/flavourings added to them. They are available in the potency of 25mg and come in a package of 30 capsules. 

CBD Pure

best cbd oil for diabetes

CBD pure is a brand that a lot of people started using because of one single reason, the affordable pricing. They are one of the cheapest CBD brands. Their packaging is not too flashy and expensive looking and it is probably one of the ways in which the brand cuts costs. But do not let the packaging fool you, the good quality of their CBD products is proved time and time again. 

They have a pretty loyal customer base and there is a good reason why. Their tinctures are made from organically produced CBD oil mixed with MCT oil. The CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plants by the CO² extraction method. The brand was founded in the year 2016 and has only witnessed an upscaled graph ever since. It has proven to be a tough competition for established brands because of its high quality products and low prices. Coming back to their products. 

Their tinctures/concentrated CBD oils are available in three different potencies, they are:-

(CBD Pure300) 300mg per 2 ounce bottle- 10mg of concentrated cannabinoid oil per serving

(CBD Pure600) 600mg per 2 ounce bottle- 20mg of concentrated cannabinoid oil per serving

(CBD Pure1000) 1000mg per 2 ounce bottle- 33mg of concentrated cannabinoid oil per serving

They also have an alternative to the traditional CBD oil consumption. They sell softgels filled with CBD oil for people who do not like the ordeal of consuming straight oil. These capsules have the potency of 25mg and are available in bottles of 30 capsules each.

Hemp Bombs

best cbd oil for diabetes

This brand is more fun than it is anything else. Hemp Bombs is one of the most sought after CBD brands and this has got a lot to do with its versatility. They have a wide range of CBD products in an even wider range of flavours, which is what most people are attracted to at first. But the flavours are not the only good thing going for the brand. Once people start using the brand for the flavours, they realise that the products are of amazing quality too. 

Circling back to the product range, they deal in everything under the sun. From CBD oils and vape oils to edibles like gummies and capsules. Whatever it is that you want, you name it and you have got it. The products have minimal traces of THC, those that do not even count as THC presence and they are also lab tested for quality and safety. Their entire line is priced pretty reasonably with prices falling under the average price spectrum of CBD products. 

There are very few brands that provide this big of a range in potencies. To add to that all of these oils are available in 6 different flavours, namely, orange creamsicle, acai berry, chocolate mint, peppermint, watermelon and natural. These flavours just add to the appeal of the brand as a whole. 

As for the Vape oils/ E liquids, they also come in a bunch of different flavours, namely, Sweet Mango Seduction, Arctic Spearmint Blast, Crisp Honeydew Melon, Wild Blueberry Jam, Whipped Marshmallow Dream, Vanilla Cupcake Swirl, Roasted Colombian Coffee, Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, Watermelon Kush, Strawberry Milk, Glazed Chocolate Donut, Crushed Pineapple Paradise, Bangin’ Fruity Bedrock, Electric Blue Raspberry and Juicy Southern Peach. We are all equally impressed by the range. 

If we were to discuss the edibles, they have an equally wide range with gummies, capsules and syrup. Yes you heard me, syrups. There are only so many brands that provide a range as vast as theirs to choose from. 

Products from Hemp Bombs’ are an absolute delight to consume and you definitely cannot say that for a lot of other brands. 

CBD Distillery

CBD Distillery is more of a real deal medical grade CBD product website and it is not anything like Hemp Bombs or similar other brands. Their products are very high quality and also sell for pretty moderate prices. 

They have a THC level of less than 0.01% probably among the lowest THC traces in CBD products. They have a wide range of CBD oils to choose from. They have oils of all kinds, namely, broad spectrums, full spectrums and CBD isolates. 

Here is a list of all of their tinctures:-

Full Spectrum Tinctures

CBD isolates

Broad Spectrum Tinctures

They also have two edibles that you can choose from if straight concentrates are not something you prefer. They sell both CBD gummies and CBD softgels. Softgels generally have an obvious upper hand over gummies in terms of health. Softgels do not contain any added sweeteners or flavourings which make them the healthier alternative. 

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals as a cannabinoid/hemp products brand was founded in the year 2014. It has been around for a relatively long time and has been quite the cult favourite for all of its tenure. The hemp plants from which the CBD oil is extracted from are grown in the fields of Colorado. 

Colorado is particularly famous for its hemp cultivation. A lot of brands source their hemp from Colorado. A stand out feature of the brand is that they deal only in CBD oils and do not have any other CBD products that they sell. All of their oils are full spectrum and contain very low traces of THC. The fact that they sell only CBD oils is a positive point of sorts as they specialize in the product and you can expect nothing but the best quality CBD oil from them. All of their oils have the same potency/strength but they are available in various sizes. 

Previously all of their oils had the potency of 30mg/ml but they were later modified to make a stronger formula. While buying their products you might want to keep in mind the fact that, the more you buy, the more you save. 


It is very difficult to trust a brand with products related to cannabis as you can never be too sure of the quality and authenticity of their products. So to make your search easier and to put your mind at ease, this list of CBD oils is curated specifically to take some load off of your shoulders. This will ensure that you get the most out of your money and indulge in the best possible CBD oil.

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