best cbd oil for athletes

Best CBD Oil for Athletes

CBD is one amongst over hundred cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. It is popular knowledge these days that unlike THC, CBD does not have the recreational psychoactive effects. This implies that CBD would not get you high like THC in marijuana while offering all the good therapeutic benefits.

Many famous athletes openly endorse the use of CBD for a better recovery post-performance while others still wonder how safe it is for athletic use. It is natural for athletes to thoroughly research any supplement they might wanna introduce into their diet. But there are so many doubts regarding CBD that many athletes do not even come close to research with best cbd oil for athletes. 

Well, if you are here, we are set to answer all your grounding doubts related to CBD oil and its use for those who work their body extra. We’d also offer you a tried and tested list of the best CBD oils for athletes. 

Will CBD oil get me high?

Not unless you want to pretend you’re high. CBD oil is extracted from organically grown industrial hemp which is scrutinized for containing minimum or no THC. Unlike THC, CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system and helps it better regulate the essential body functions and maintain the balance of physical and mental health. 

THC is a recreational drug while CBD is actively used in medical research there are quite a few medications that officially utilize CBD in their constituents but CBD oil is now well-known for its therapeutic benefits and non recreational nature.

Is CBD oil legal for athletes? 

According to the World Anti-Doping Agency, CBD is permitted and legal. WADA removed CBD from the list of unallowed substances in 2018. The US Anti-Doping Agency also removed CBD from their list but not THC.

You need to make sure that there is no THC content in your CBD oil. This is now possible because of the excellent third-party lab tests most brands put their CBD oils through. The results of these lab tests show the exact composition of each batch of CBD oil so that you have full confidence in what you are consuming. 

It was commonly believed that it is rather impossible to extract CBD from hemp without getting the THC along. This is far from true. Modern methods of extraction have made it possible for only specific cannabinoids to be extracted. There are now marvelous extraction mechanisms that are CO2 based and moonlight based. 

Moreover, CBD is extracted from an industrially grown special variety of hemp that does not contain much THC in the first place. Hemp for CBD oil extraction is grown organically in toxin-free soil and without the use of chemicals owing to the bioactive nature of the plant. 

You must know that any product with more than 0.3% THC is considered illegal in the USA. just make sure that you purchase good quality CBD oil from a premium manufacturer so that there is no chance of discrepancy.

In case you’re wondering, CBD oil has innumerable benefits for athletes 

CBD can easily be called as a non psychoactive reliable treatment for pain. This is because CBD can effectively reduce inflammation and pain without causing any serious side effects. This could prove to be a boon for athletes that participate in intense body exercise.   

CBD is an amazing alternative to NSAIDS

It is common for athletes to suffer injuries and post-training intense pain due to overwork. It is also common for many athletes to depend on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to mitigate their pain. 

Modern studies have shown that NSAIDS are not as safe as they were once thought to be. Serious long-term side effects can be attributed to the regular use of NSAIDS. This mainly includes renal and hepatic damage. 

In comparison, CBD can effectively reduce the pain without causing any side effects. This can make you greatly decrease and even stop the use of NSAIDS altogether. 

It was found in a 2004 study of lab rats that THC can cause short term memory loss while CBD does not. The WHO report of 2018 makes it clear that CBD does not have the potential to be abused, misused, or cause dependence. 

There are minor side effects that rarely occur in some people on the regular use of CBD. This includes fatigue, diarrhea, and fluctuations in weight and appetite.

CBD is extremely effective in offering pain relief 

Although most studies about pain relief have been aimed at THC and not CBD, it has been found that CBD is extremely effective in offering pain relief and fighting inflammation. 

Athletes are bound to suffer from soreness and muscle injury. The overly used NSAIDS have serious side effects on regular use. This makes CBD an effective replacement for all the wonderful reasons. 

Instead of just tolerating the severe aches and pains that accompany tough exercise, you can depend on CBD to help you recover faster from discomfort. 

CBD helps you recover speedily

Muscles of athletes get sore and damaged from regular overexertion. It is natural to get worried about bouncing back to your best capability after each performance. CBD is not only anti-inflammatory, its rich content of antioxidants reduces the oxidant damage to your body and gets you flowing again. 

CBD works wonders for a healthy athletic gut

Athletes usually suffer from inflammation in the large and small intestines. This causes a lot of discomfort and GI distress during performance. While CBD cannot help in relieving GI symptoms due to overheating and dehydration, it can very well reduce your underlying inflammation issues. 

CBD enhances your relaxation during sleep 

An athlete can achieve better if they sleep better. It has been proven that CBD enhances your ease in drifting to a good night’s sleep by inhibiting the reuptake of adenosine. When there is more adenosine in the brain, the release of more neurotransmitters is inhibited and brain activity is slowed down. Thus, sleep is induced.This may also have an anti-anxiety effect for some people. 

How you consume CBD may also determine how you experience its benefits

CBD oil can be administered through capsules, pills, oil, or even vapor. Topical creams and lotions containing CBD oil are also available, so are tinctures and drops that can be easily administered sublingually. 

Topical creams will act faster because they’ll work directly on the site of action. Capsules and oils may take a tad bit more time because they have to be digested first. The sublingual drops and tinctures are considered the most rapid. 

Both full spectrum CBD products and CBD isolates are available in America. It is essential to note that the full spectrum CBD products may contain slight amounts of legally permitted THC. The isolated CBD obtained from industrial hemp would be a better choice for athletes so that there is no possibility of testing positive for THC in dope tests. We recommend you to start with a low dose and then gradually increase it to meet your needs. 

We have brought you the best CBD oil for athletes 

Considering the numerous benefits CBD oil has to offer athletes (with no or minimal side effects), there is no reason one shouldn’t give it a try. Especially as a replacement for over-the-counter painkillers that have poor health implications on regular long term use. 

CBD oils are quite effective in countering pain and inflammation regularly faced by athletes along with providing the required relaxation well deserved by those who work hard. We have brought you the best products from CBDistillery, CBD MD, CBD Fx, Sabaidee, and Royal CBD. 

CBDistillery CBD oil

best cbd oil for athletes

It is known that CBDistillery offers the best value when it comes to CBD oils. Costing very well below the market average, this company is based in Colorado and offers the best known quality products for athletes in the market. 

Sourced from organically grown hemp, this oil is guaranteed to be free from toxins. The advanced and technical methods of extraction ensure that only fine CBD is present in the final product. The US Hemp Authority certifies that this CBD oil is manufactured in adherence to strict standards of quality.

Moreover, CBDistillery CBD oils undergo regular third-party lab tests to ensure that there are no unwanted constituents in the therapeutic wonder. 

Three types of CBD oil are offered by CBDistillery. These include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. The full-spectrum variety will be a more natural form of CBD along with other additional cannabinoids. The broad-spectrum will include fewer additional cannabinoids than the full-spectrum. The CBD isolate form is the one recommended to athletes for no danger of ever containing THC. 

CBDistillery CBD oils are available in a variety of potencies that users can select from according to their needs. Some users mention that the company should also include the tests for contaminants in the third-party tests. Another complaint is the lack of flavored options for easy palatability. 

CBD MD CBD capsules

best cbd oil for athletes

CBD MD is the way to go if you have been looking for CBD oils or capsules without any trace of THC. CBD MD is widely known for its quality products and THC-free formulations. 

Formulated with pure CBD isolates, CBD MD products come in both capsule and softgel forms. The capsules come in bottles with counts of 30-60 and multiple potency options. 

Based in Colorado, CBD MD’s non-GMO hemp is grown organically in a toxin-free environment which is well established by the third-party lab tests their products go through. 

The results of these tests for each batch of CBD capsules and softgels are published on their website. There is no THC content in CBD MD products. The extraction process is very well managed to exclude any THC in the final bundles of therapy. 

You’ll find out that CBD MD capsules and softgels are quite cheap as compared to other similar CBD products. They also ship for free all across the USA. Some users deem it would be better if the third-party tests were also performed for the contaminants. 

CBD fx CBD oil 

best cbd oil for athletes

CBD fx CBD oil is considered to be the best broad-spectrum CBD tincture. It contains all the therapeutic cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial compounds that hemp has to offer. 

Their CBD is obtained from organic hemp grown in Kentucky that undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure its mentioned potency and the absence of contaminants. 

This is available in varying potencies ranging from 7mg, 33mg, to 50mg so that people with different needs have the product of their choice. Varied flavor options are also available for easy palatability. These include blueberry pineapple, lemon lime mint, and lychee lemon kiwi. 

The price of CBD fx is more than CBDistillery and CBD MD, but it is still reasonable as compared to other similar options. Some users wish CBD fx offered higher potencies of CBD oil. 

Sabaidee CBD oil 

best cbd oil for athletes

The hemp for Sabaidee CBD oil is grown organically and the CBD is extracted with modern methods to ensure that no toxins enter. The in-house tests carried out by the company are later followed by third-party tests for more verification. The company has built most trust amongst its consumers because of the extensive and open third party tests their products go through. The online publishing of the test results of each batch builds confidence amongst the users. 

This full-spectrum CBD oil is well tolerated by many athletes for its consistency, purity, and great quality. The company makes sure their products reach you as soon as possible and they also issue a 100% refund in case of customer dissatisfaction. 

Royal CBD oil 

best cbd oil for athletes

This full-spectrum CBD oil is known for its high quality and consistency. The THC content is always less than 0.3% and this is owed to the meticulous extraction process the company undertakes through specific strains of hemp. 

Slightly more expensive than other similar options, Royal CBD is worth the price for its premium quality. The potency is high and ideal for average consumers. All ingredients used in this product are high-grade and this is verified through the extensive third-party testing open to public scrutiny. 

If you are an athlete wondering how well CBD oil will work for you, it must be known that it will do more wonders than you think. From reducing stress and anxiety, to reducing pain and inflammation, what else does a heavy training beast need? 

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