best cbd oil for adhd

Best CBD Oil For ADHD

ADHD can be a lot of things, some things might be very evident to an outsider and some might be maddening yet literally invisible. ADHD has very strong ties with anxiety and CBD has been, for the longest time, a proven and effective treatment for anxiety and other similar issues. While the use of cannabinoid products is relatively new in regard to ADHD, some research has shown promising figures. 

ADHD can very well be diagnosed in children and teens as it is in adults. This might lead to a bit of a tear considering that most people associate hemp extract products with a certain psychoactive high, which can be addictive. However what most people are unaware of, a lot of brands that sell CBD oils promise to have a very low trace or none at all of THC which is the compound in cannabis plants that leads to any type of high/euphoria. So you can be carefree when it comes to that. All of the oils listed below have some to no trace of THC and are not necessarily addictive when viewed from a broader, more long term perspective. 

How cannabinoid products affect our system is through cannabinoid receptors that we have all over our body. These receptors stimulate certain signals that are to be sent to or from the nervous system. As ADHD is an illness that is closely related to the nervous system, cannabinoid oils directly affect the intensity of your symptoms. Therefore, scientifically, cannabinoid products are indefinitely supposed to work for ADHD. CBD oils are supposed to be taken orally by placing a couple of drops below your tongue, this allows the product to work itself into your bloodstream quicker and more effectively. 

Oil infused products that enter your body through the digestive system are equally good but are significantly less effective and slower as some part of the concentration gets lost in transit. Here we have some CBD oils that have been effective for a variety of different illnesses because of their strength and quality. They are also some of the most affordable and reasonably priced oils.

Given below is a list of some of the most potent, high quality oils to give you a sense of calm:-

Best CBD Oil For ADHD

Royal CBD

best cbd oil for adhd

Royal CBD as a hemp brand has not been around for the longest time, saying that would be a lie, but they have gained a lot of loyal customers over their period of existence. Royal CBD is one of the moderately priced CBD brands that do not sell their products for suspiciously high prices to a point that you start worrying about product authenticity but they are also not insanely expensive wherein you have to break the bank every time you want to purchase a bottle.

Their product line is 100% organic which means the cannabinoid extract is made from hemp plants that are grown organically without the use of any chemical pesticides or growth accelerators. 

All of their products are full spectrum and extracted using the CO² extraction method, which is the preferred method of extraction of a lot of high end CBD brands and affordable brands alike. They are tested for quality in third party laboratories which just goes to show that they provide products that are authentic and can pass through any safety and quality test. Coming back to their product line. They have somewhat of a vast product line with topicals, softgels(capsules), gummies and oils.

Today we are going to be getting into the tinctures, i.e, straight/concentrated hemp extract oils. 

best cbd oil for adhd

The tinctures are available in four main potencies. They are as follows:- (In order of lowest strength to highest strength)

  • 250mg per 30ml bottle- 8.3 mg/ml of product
  • 500mg per 30ml bottle- 16.6 mg/ml of product
  • 1000mg per 30ml bottle- 33.3 mg/ml of product
  • 2500mg per 30ml bottle- 83.3 mg/ml of product

All of these tinctures are available in four different flavours too, for people who are put off by the natural flavouring of hemp products. The flavours available are, berry, mint, vanilla and natural. So there is something for everyone. Another great thing about the tinctures by this brand, is the scope for saving some money. They are available in multiple bottle packages and they also come in subscriptions so you can save a couple of extra dollars here and there. 

For those of you who would like to consume oil in a way that you do not actually have to swallow the oil, Royal CBD has you covered. There are two other CBD oil based products that are more beginner friendly;

CBD Gummies- These gummies are available in two different potencies, 10mg per serving and 25mg per serving. You get 30 gummies in each tub and they are fruit flavoured(strawberry, orange and grape). Great for kids. 

CBD capsules- These are CBD oil filled softgels/capsules. They have the potency of 25mg per capsule and each bottle contains 30 capsules. They do not contain any added flavourings and are a healthier option in comparison to the gummies. 

CBD Pure

CBD pure might not be the most high end brand in the market right now but it is definitely one of the most trusted affordable brands. It was founded in the year 2016 and as all small businesses, it took a hot minute for the brand to be recognised. Once it did though, it broke through and proved to be tough competition for established CBD brands. 

Their low prices and high quality products is what makes them a stand out brand and so popular among so many people. If you can still deliver the best product to people while giving them a huge, huge saving margin then it is pretty obvious that a large mass of people are going to be attracted. Their oils/tinctures are made with only two base ingredients, the cannabinoid oil and a base oil made from hemp. This is another feature that makes their oils stand out as they are made entirely of naturally, organically grown and harvested hemp plants. 

Their hemp comes from fields in Colorado which is from where most established brands tend to source their base products from. They use the CO² extraction method much like all other brands, making their products even more trustworthy. It is easy to trust the process when you know it. They use industrial hemp as a base product, to make all of their CBD products, which does not contain substances that induce a psychoactive high or a feeling of euphoria. 

Their concentrated oils/tinctures are available in three potencies, which we will be looking into. 

  • (CBD Pure300) 300mg per 2 ounce bottle- 10mg of concentrated cannabinoid oil per serving
  • (CBD Pure600) 600mg per 2 ounce bottle- 20mg of concentrated cannabinoid oil per serving
  • (CBD Pure1000) 1000mg per 2 ounce bottle- 33mg of concentrated cannabinoid oil per serving

A way in which I believe the company cuts back on expenses is by having decent packaging. So if you want something flashy and fancy looking this is probably not your thing. The bottles are good at what they do, which is storing the oil but they are definitely not too appealing to the eyes.

They also have softgels which contain CBD oil for people who prefer it that way. These softgels have the potency of 25mg of concentrated oil per capsule. Each bottle of soft gels consists of 30 capsules and approximately 750mg of CBD oil. 

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs as a brand is known best for its CBD oils that are available in a variety of different potencies. They also have a large array of flavours to choose from and they are not your regular mundane flavours. They are also known for their reasonable pricing and huge appeal. 

Hemp Bombs also takes pride in having one of the largest product lines amongst all other hemp product brands with products not just for you but also for your pets. They have everything ranging from topical products, gummies to straight tinctures. They also have vape oils which are not necessarily groundbreaking but have an increasing demand in today’s day and age. Their products are void of THC so you can rest assured that you will not be getting high on any of their products, any time soon. Their products are third party lab tested and perfectly accountable. Now you know why they have made the list, let us move on to the things that you are here to read. 

Hemp Bombs’ Concentrated CBD oils are available in a ton of different potencies, they are;

  • 125mg per 30 ml bottle
  • 300mg per 30 ml bottle
  • 750mg per 30 ml bottle
  • 1500mg per 30 ml bottle
  • 3000mg per 30 ml bottle
  • 5000mg per 30 ml bottle

There are a limited number of brands that have a potency range this wide and highest strength of 5000mg. To add to this appeal they are available in six mouthwatering flavours, namely, orange creamsicle, chocolate mint, acai berry, peppermint, watermelon and natural. Try saying no to that, trust I have tried and it is difficult. 

They also have a bunch of different oil based products, they are:-

Vape oils/ E liquids: For people who like to smoke cannabinoid oil instead of consuming it orally.

Gummies: If the oil flavours were not tasty enough, Hemp Bombs also have a line of gummies. These are available in a bunch of different potencies and portion sizes. 

Capsules: For people who do not like the ordeal of swishing oil in their mouths but still want a healthy alternative. 

Syrup: Yes it is quite unhealthy but did I mention how enjoyable this is? These are available in a bunch of different potencies too. 

CBD Distillery

Now when we talk about medical grade hemp products that literally look like they could be on a drugstore shelf, CBD Distillery is the first name that comes to mind. Their products are both manufactured and packaged in such a way that they give off a very medical vibe. You know you can trust their products just by looking at them. 

They have THC levels of less than 0.01% which is close to nothing, it’s like the THC being extracted from the product completely, which is not an actual thing but these products are pretty damn close. They have a decent product line with a bunch of different products. All of their products are third party lab tested, so rest assured they are just fine. 

Moving on to the CBD oils, they have both tinctures that are full spectrums and CBD isolates. The oils available (in various potencies) are as follows:-

Full spectrum 

  • 500mg per 30ml bottle
  • 1000mg per 30ml bottle
  • 2500mg per 30ml bottle
  • 5000mg per 30ml bottle

CBD isolates

These are also available in a bunch of different potencies along with being available in a bunch of different flavours. They are a lot of people’s favourites and are pretty concentrated. 

There are a lot of other oil infused products like vape oils, gummies and capsules that are available. While they are not as effective as tinctures, they still get the job done. 

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals is another established brand that we just cannot miss. It has not been around since the beginning of time but for as long as it has, it has made a place for itself in the market. They specialise in CBD oils and their whole product line is just those, which is why when it comes to oils, you can blindly put your trust in NuLeaf Naturals. 

Their CBD oils/tinctures are available in following potencies:-

  • 300mg per 5ml bottle
  • 900mg per 15ml bottle
  • 1800mg per 30ml bottle
  • 3000mg per 50ml bottle
  • 6000mg per 100ml bottle

All of their oils are full spectrum and made from organically grown hemp. They also have pet CBD oils, if that something that interests you. The bigger your purchase, the more you save per unit. This is the formula for buying any CBD oil off of their website. 


There is a certain air of mystery around the whole hemp products for medical use ordeal but once you get to know the science behind it, you slowly gain an increased amount of trust for it. It can be a little scary and confusing going into it with no previous knowledge. Which is why this whole thing was made to give you the choice between the best of the best. 

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