Ananda Hemp Review

In recent years the all natural therapeutic movement has gained ample popularity. Use of Cannabidiol or CBD products in holistic treatment of chronic pain and other struggles can be considered as more than revolutionary. 

Amongst all the other products, Ananda hemp has emerged as a true pioneer right from the inception of this movement. The reviews for their full-spectrum product range over the years have been overwhelmingly positive. In this article we’ll find out why that is.

About ananda hemp reviews

Ananda hemp is considered as a key player in the beginning and evolution of the hemp industry. As Brian Furnish, the president of global production, Ananda was monumental in passing the 2014 Farm Bill. 

He tirelessly worked shoulder-to-shoulder with congressmen to ensure the passing of this bill without any issues. For his endeavours,he turned into the first to be granted the permit to develop hemp legally. Their Kentucky based farm advocated the bill by being the first to legitimately develop hemp for wellbeing purposes.

Till this date Ananda has stayed true to it’s seed-to-shelf promise. They’re proficient to say the least in the quality control department. They work hand-in-hand with the state DOA ( department of agriculture) to guarantee the accessibility of best quality items for their clients. 

Though the company operates out of Kentucky USA, they import their already genetically enhanced seeds from Australia where their holding company Ecofibre is situated. The seed is then subjected to various genetic enhancements performed by their appointed genetic and agriculture experts. 

Besides these, Ananda also subjects it’s products to third party lab testing and the results of this test are readily available on their website. Their COA lookup tool which is both easy to operate and consumer friendly categorizes these results according to the batches they belong to and offers it to users for complete transparency. 


  • Total transparency through COA lookup tool and Third party lab testing to ensure quality control. 
  • Ecofibre, the holding company possesses a privatized seed bank which stores cannabis. This bank is considered to be the largest in the whole world.
  • Genetically enhanced seeds. Product is derived from homegrown hemp. 
  • Educational resources are available on their official website. 

Ananda Hemp Product Reviews

Ananda offers its products in the form of CBD Oil tinctures, softgel capsules, CBD creams, topical salve, CBD oils for pets and a special range of intimate oil. 

Read on to find the review for each product. 

CBD oil tinctures

ananda hemp reviews

Ananda hemp carries two types of tinctures that can be ingested sublingually. 

  1. The first one is a full spectrum, potent CBD oil drop available in three different volumes i.e- 300mg, 600mg and 2000mg 
  2. The second is a broad spectrum oil minus the THC(tetrahydrocannabinol). Even though it’s THC free, the user may get a false positive if drug tested because it contains enough amounts of other cannabinoids. 

The three different volumes contain 300, 600 and 2000 mgs of cannabinoids respectively. 

The first one is the least potent and perfect for beginners. If you’re looking to get rid of daily stressors and fatigue then this one is it. 

The 600 mg one is for users who have already integrated CBD into their daily regimen. It’s slightly more potent and concentrated. 

The last capacity is the highest in potency and the most concentrated. This full spectrum tincture is for those looking to fully relax both the body and mind. It is advisable to refrain from ingesting this one if you’re still a beginner as each serving has around 40mg of functional cannabinoids. 

Although Ananda firmly stands behind the beliefs attached to the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoid extracts, it also recognizes the need of the customers that require tinctures devoid of THC in order to pass drug tests amongst other reasons.

Consequently, to cater to their needs, Ananda has created this broad spectrum oil that doesn’t hold marijuana but possesses additional cannabinoids like terpenes and certain plant based materials. This one only comes in 600mg strength. 

All of them are suited for vegan users as they’re 100% cruelty free. Products are regularly tested to guarantee utmost purity. These are unflavored and glyphosate free as well. 

For those in the initial stages, half a dropper is advised dosage. Administer it sublingually, hold it for about a minute and wash it down with water right after. After a while you can increase the dosage till you find the sweet spot. 

CBD softgel capsules

ananda hemp reviews

Despite being the most popular item on the list, CBD oil tinctures are not liked by all. Some users do not find the earthy taste of unflavored tincture appealing. For them, CBD softgel capsules have emerged as the perfect alternative. In the form of a capsule they can remember to take it with their daily medication. 

Full spectrum softgel capsules are available in two different sized bottles i.e- 30 caps and 60 caps. Each containing 15mg of CBD in total. The ingredients that go into making these are – glycerin, gelatin and of course hemp seed oil which is organic and cold pressed. Capsules are to be washed down with water like your regular vitamins . 

After 40 minutes of being absorbed by the digestive system these display their aftereffects. But the catch is that after taking it you’ll be good for about four to six hours. So if you’re not looking for instant gratification and you don’t like the taste of the tincture then we say absolutely go for these. The recommended dosage is twice a day alongside water. 

Also the 60 caps costs less money than the 30 caps version. 

Another thing to remember about these is, they’re not meant to be used by vegans. Softgel capsules contain gelatin, which is obtained by boiling skin, tendons etc in water. So it’s not cruelty free. 

Apart from these two, Ananda has also released broad spectrum THC free capsules. What it lacks in the marijuana department, it makes up for it by being quite rich in other cannabinoids and several phytonutrients. They do not contain any additives and leave the user with a sense of relaxation. 


While each bottle contains a total of 15mg of cannabinoids, the 30 mg one costs about $0.14/mg. Whereas the 60mg one costs $0.13/mg, which is a bit cheaper than the former option. 

The broad spectrum capsules are way more pricey than the full spectrum ones. They const about $64.95 for 30 Softgels/ bottles. Each bottle contains 450mg of cannabinoids. 

Full spectrum topical salve

The tropical salve offered by Ananda unlike the capsules is meant for instant lessening of pain. 

Each container of this salve comprises 125mg of cannabinoids and products derived from plants. Apart from relieving aches, it’s also meant to care for the skin. Not to mention it smells delightful.

The ingredients that go into making the popular topical salve are purely organic. Some of them are listed below : 

  • menthol
  • beeswax
  • Organic shea butter
  • organic coconut oil
  • cocoa butter
  • lavender essential oils
  • Extract from the bark of white willow tree
  • Calendula blossoms
  • Wintergreen essential oil
  • organically obtained cayenne

This can be used by applying a small amount of salve to the area where pain is localized and rubbing. This is not to be applied to areas that have an open wound as it’s meant for external usage only. 

Customers have reported it to be a speedily working remedy. It’s cruelty free as well so vegans can enjoy the benefits as well. 


This product is a tad bit expensive than other products in this list. And rightfully so seeing the fast acting nature of it. The topical salve costs about $0.19/mg. A 125mg container is priced at $23.95. 

CBD oil for Pets

The full spectrum CBD oil for pets by Ananda, is a concoction of various all natural ingredients like the extract of hemp flowers, vegetarian bacon flavoring and MCT oil.

This oil aims to interact with the endocannabinoid system of cats, dogs and rodents to relieve pain. By binding with CB1 and CBD2 receptors it helps achieve homeostasis, reduces aches caused by arthritis and such. It’s also a primary factor in curing inflammation. 

This oil is not very potent which makes them perfect for animals as they don’t need highly potent cannabinoids to relieve discomfort. It’s administered to treat separation anxiety as well. 

Even though these products have been tested along with all the other Ananda CBD products and have been marked safe for your pets, you should still consult a vet before introducing your pet to it.  


Ananda CBD oil for Pets only comes in a 30ml bottle containing a total of 300mg of CBD. That means one serving contains around 10mg of cannabinoids. It is priced at $59.95 per bottle. Which is frankly a  high price. But you’re getting the best quality products and this will last you a while as pets do not need large amounts of it. 

Ananda Bliss Intimate Hemp Oil

Ananda’s last and most exclusive product is their Intimate Hemp Oil calles Bliss. This CBD oil was specifically curated by their in-house doctor, Dr. Alex Capano who is a reproductive and sexual health specialist. This was created to provide added pleasure by balancing and enhancing the experience for both parties. 

This acts as a great lubricant. It contains ingredients like peppermint which gives off a cooling effect, butter made from cacao seeds – which are known to contain a theobromine, a compound that promotes muscle relaxation, and L-Arginine, a non essential amino acid that creates nitric acid. Nitric acid increases blood flow and helps protect you from cardiac disorders as well. 

Last but not the least, it contains coconut oil which is known to be a natural lubricant. The only downside is using Bliss alongside latex protection can cause it to tear. So take care to not mix the two!


It only comes in a 60ml bottle containing a total of 250 mg cannabinoids. This is priced at $60.00 per bottle. Each serving contains 5 mg of active cannabinoids. 


  • THC free product is available so that those concerned about drug texts can still enjoy the benefits
  • Total transparency
  • High quality products


  • No flavored products available, so people who don’t like hemp’s earthy flavor will have to use it as it is to avail the benefits.

Before we go 

Ananda hemp is perfect for both beginners and experienced users as it has a collection that ranges from mild to potent. It has something for everyone. So it meets possibly all of your CBD requirements. Not to mention they’re partnered up with 8th gen Kentucky farmers for agricultural support.

Apart from that the company treats the users with total transparency and every information about the selecting, processing is available on their website. 

All in all Ananda hemp is a wholesome organization that is making a difference in holistic and ritualistic medicine. If you need to lessen any sickness related to chronic pain or if you just want a good night’s sleep, we vehemently recommend Ananda hemp. That’s it for today. Thank you for reading!

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