american shaman cbd review

American Shaman CBD Review

CBD American shaman was founded upon the promise to provide pure, efficient yet high quality CBD products to users. Till date they’ve kept their promise as they continue to supply excellent hemp oil related items to the CBD world.

But before buying something from them you need to know more about them and their products. That is why we’ve put together an article reviewing their products. Read on to find out more about american shaman cbd review. 

American shaman CBD

american shaman cbd review

American shaman is an US based company that has its roots in Kansas. They’re considered to be number one in the high quality imported hemp sector. They use molecular distillation to obtain the hemp extracts necessary. Their products have been marked to be NON-GMO ( no genetic modification ) , gluten free and devoid of any pesticides. 

The CBD oil produced by them is full spectrum meaning that besides CBD there are other healthy and relaxing cannabinoids like CBN, CBG,present in their products. These cannabinoids mixed with high amounts of terpenes will bring on the entourage effect and will relax the user. But it won’t get you high. It’s safe for use. 


Since they have a large variety of products the size may keep varying,but we have concluded that the cost of said products sits somewhere between $10 to $110. But if that’s too high for you then you’re in luck. Because they offer huge discounts at regular intervals. Going upto 30%. 

You can also buy bundles of products. Buying en masse reduces the cost by a single mg or gram. But one thing to remember is that they keep switching up the product line quite frequently so prices may differ. 

Stamp of quality

In the quality department American shaman is a clear winner. According to their claims all of their items are made from high quality, genetic modification free and hundred percent organically farmed. 

There’s no artificial addition made and they have the test reports to back that up. Another proof is the color of the oils, it has a clear gold tone which signifies the lack of the same. 


In today’s world disorders like anxiety and depression are on the rise. These mental health almost all the time manifest as physical health problems as well. Like insomnia, body aches and fatigue. If you start taking over the counter medications for these there’s a chance of getting addicted. 

This is why CBD oil is a good addition to your regime. Usually CBD is used as a pain relief method. But it has other benefits like relaxation and the onset of calmness as well. 

But when choosing CBD oils to use you have to be careful about what quality you are getting. Because there are a lot of  misinformed brands out there that profit from selling unsafe products. That is why buying from a brand like American shaman is always safer. With them you’re in good hands. 

Like we mentioned before each package is specifically tested and examined. And not only for humans, they have supplements available for our four legged friends as well. You can get CBD for your pets as well to give them a good night’s sleep during fatiguing days or just make their digestion better. This is very useful for those pets who are having issues due to separation anxiety as well. 

American shaman product line

If we went through all the American shaman products one by one then this article would be at least ten pages long. Because they’ve truly created an extensive collection which has everything that you could desire from a CBD brand. That is why we’ve decided to review some of our favorites to give you an overview of American shaman as a whole. So in today’s article we’re going to discuss – 

  • Hemp Candy
  • CBD gummies
  • Hydrating topicals
  • Cloud Tincture
  • Water Soluble Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • CBD for pets
  • CBD honey sticks

Hemp Candy

american shaman cbd review

These full spectrum candies are full of tarpene and come in mouth watering delicious flavors. Some of the flavors are Cherry, mint chip and watermelon. In this way you can get your daily dose of CBD with a little dusting of sugar. Usually people don’t find the smell and earthy taste of hemp oil attractive. For them this is the perfect product. 

It comes prepackaged with eight candy pieces each in every pack. It contains 25mg of infused CBD. Some other ingredients like corn syrup, sugar and some artificial additives have been used to make this delicious treat a little tastier.



CBD gummies

american shaman cbd review

This is literally the sweetest way to pay homage to your childhood while getting your daily dose of CBD. These adorable fruit flavored gummies are made from hemp concentrate, corn syrup , corn starch, beeswax and gelatin. They contain both natural and artificial flavoring as well. 

The only drawback is the gelatin. Did you know that gelatin is obtained by boiling the tendons of animals? So this is not cruelty free and not at all fit for vegan customers. 

They’re sold by containers. Each container has 30 gummies. And each gummy has 10mg CBD. Which makes the whole amount of CBD 300mg. 

Now the recommended CBD dosage for everyday use is 20mg. In the gummy shape everything has already been measured. So no need to waste time counting drops. Pop one of these colorful candies in your mouth and you’re ready to unwind for the night. 


They are priced at $60.00/container

Hydrating topicals

Aside from being a calming agent CBD has other superpowers as well. One of them is taking care of your skin. When covered with CBD, it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties are released into the skin. Hence making your skin soft and bouncy. 

If you’re looking to regain the youthfulness of your skin then do try American shaman’s hydrating body lotion. It revitalizes skin through CBD. This soothing topical contains 15mg CBD for each ounce. You can enjoy the results by applying a dollop of it after your shower. 

american shaman cbd review

The topical range expands beyond the body lotion too. They have bath bombs, CBD lip balms ,face creams and  massage oils etc. 

The massage oil contains fractionated coconut oil otherwise called MCT oil which is the purest kind of oil you can find. It’s extra good for skincare and pain relief. By massaging achy joints with this oil will relieve the fatigue and pressure fully. 

american shaman cbd review

Likewise the lip balm has hemp extracts that will turn your chapped lips into pink shiny ones in no time. You can apply it as many times as you need to get the best results. 

american shaman cbd review


Lip balm – $10.00

Bath bomb – $14.99

Massage oil – $40.00

Cloud Tincture

american shaman cbd review

This VG cloud tincture is a sublingual supplement. Made from hemp oil extract this tincture works best if you keep it under tongue for more than two minutes. It’s available in seven flavored and one unflavored version. 

Flavors available- 

  1. Blueberry Moon
  2. Cherry Limeade
  3. Strawberry-Banana
  4. Cool Berry
  5. Tropical Punch
  6. Apple
  7. Grape
  8. Watermelon

We recommend getting the flavored version because lack of the natural smell of hemp and the sweet flavor will make you capable of holding the oil under your tongue for longer. Hence increasing its effects.

This oil is THC free making it able to produce the entourage effect without getting the user high.  By no THC we mean that it contains other cannabinoids besides CBD (cannabidiol). 

The recommended dosage is two droppers full per day. If the problem still persists you can use it according to your need.

It’s available on their website in two strengths, one 150mg bottle and 300mg bottle with droppers attached. It’s a very easy to use and efficient supplement. 


150 mg – $34.99 

300mg- $59.99 

Water Soluble Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

american shaman cbd review

This is one of their high end products containing hemp extracts and cannabinoids. It’s best used for falling asleep and staying asleep. 

This is a water soluble CBN oil. CBN is the precursor for cannabinoids. When a hemp plant gets older, cannabinol is produced. Which in turn transforms into CBD. 

But consuming cannabinol has its own perks too. It targets the cell receptors connected to imposing calmness. Thus after ingesting it one goes into a state of deep relaxation and eventually falls asleep. This can also be a great remedy for any anxiety or stress you’ve been carrying. Try this tincture to unwind. 

This tincture comes in a 30ml bottle and contains a total of 4mg CBD. 



CBD honey sticks

american shaman cbd review

They’ve recently added a new product to their line called honey sticks. As we all know honey is great for the digestive and immune system. They source the raw honey for the honey sticks from Cooper’s honey which is based in Missouri. 

This product has 10mg CBD per stick. Besides that it has other nutrients like proteins, flavonoids which are super antioxidants, vitamins A, B complex, C and E etc. They’re available in packs of ten and hundred. To get the most of the benefits you can consume it by mixing one stick worth content in your daily smoothie or breakfast. This is truly ideal for keeping your daily CBD routine unbroken while travelling. 


10 pack – $23.99 

100 pack – $219.00

CBD for pets

american shaman cbd review

For your pet’s good digestion, sleep and well being American shaman has curated CBD bites and tinctures. These CBD infused products contain a lower quantity of CBD and come in flavors that would attract the pets. 

For example, our canine friends love crunching on peanut butter and turkey pieces. For them American shaman has  PB and turkey flavored tinctures. This will surely preserve the happy wag of their tail. 

If you have a Feline companion, no need to feed sad. Because they stock CBD tinctures for cats and horses as well. 

So if your pet is having trouble sleeping while a thunderstorm roars outside or if they’re afraid of of the vacation you’re longing to take, then help them sleep better at night by administering these CBD products. They’ll love you for it. 

Price – 

Dog Treats – $29.50

Canine tinctures – $59.99

Feline tinctures – $59.99

Equine tinctures – $29.95 to $99.95 


  • Has a rich supply of terpene
  • They ship to all fifty of the states
  •  Complete transparency as all products are tested by third party labs and results are available for public viewing
  • GMO free, gluten free 
  • Hundred percent organic
  • Wide array of products
  • They offer a 30% discount to customers that are disabled or suffering from chronic illness
  • Free shipping over items worth of one hundred dollars


  • American shaman doesn’t have FDA’s approval
  • They don’t ship worldwide

Final thoughts

For everything CBD American shaman is the best place to go. They’re honest and upfront about their process. For the extraction molecular distillation is used so that no impurities are left behind. Overall in matters of quality they’re the best out there. 

They also provide their edibles and tinctures with additional healthy nutrients. For us the best part was the discount of compassion for people disabled people and for chronically ill users. It’s a very kind gesture indeed. 

So with our utmost sincerity we recommend American shaman to beginners and veterans alike. Go treat yourself with some high quality products! And don’t forget to look out for discounts. Happy shopping!

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